Ana Rubke

Ana Rubke

Top Producer, Senior Sales Associate


  DRE 0893990

  • Live and Work in South Beach/Mission Bay
  • New Construction Sales Focus
  • Fluent in Portuguese, Originally From Ponta Delgada, Portugal
  • Proud Grandmother of Son's Daughter, Lola

Agent Profile

When you work with Ana, you’re represented by an experienced, client-focused agent who is fully committed to helping you buy or sell a home with a minimum of stress and a maximum of success.

Ana is passionate about helping people find homes that meet their needs as well as their desires. Taking the time to understand the kind of home her clients truly want is an essential part of her approach.

For sellers, Ana’s extensive home presentation and marketing experience help ensure the right buyer finds your home. Ana specializes in condos and single family homes, and has a deep knowledge of the neighborhoods in and around South Beach and Mission Bay. She is an experienced negotiator who thoroughly researches homes so she can give her clients realistic assessments of home value.

“It’s important to get the best information you can on a home because price per square footage is never the whole story. You need to know how well a building is managed, whether there’s litigation going on, and any other factor that might affect the value,” Ana says.

In her spare moments, Ana enjoys exploring San Francisco on foot, trying out new restaurants and volunteering with the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors.

“This is a fun, fascinating city. I absolutely love living here!” she says.

Client Testimonials

“Ana was our sales representative for William Lyon Homes. From the beginning of the home buying process, Ana treated us like family. Ana was very knowledgeable, personable, and trustworthy. Our service was seamless, stress free, and had no surprises! We were informed, updated, and included in all steps of the buying process. Ana created a bond with us from the beginning to the end of the home buying process. Ana’s ability to deliver is impeccable. When the time comes to buy another home; Ana will be our real estate professional. We expect the best! Ana is top notch, dependable, and knows her clients. If you are looking for a professional with skills and tact who listens to your needs, Ana Rubke is the real estate professional you’ve been looking for!”
-Deborah C.

“If you are considering multiple agents in the sale of your property, look no further than Ana Rubke and her team at ClimbSF. Ana’s level of professionalism is unparalleled. I felt very confident at every step of the sale of my property because I knew Ana was 100% taking care of everything that needed to happen. No detail was overlooked, and I really appreciated that. Ana’s staging suggestions and the hiring of a professional photographer really made for a top-notch presentation of my property to potential buyers. The challenges of selling my particular property were somewhat unique, and at times I thought it surely seemed hopeless that we would find the right buyer, but Ana never faltered or let me feel like she wasn’t 100% committed to making the sale happen. I really appreciated that confidence and professionalism. I am certain other agents would have given up or told me it wasn’t the right time to sell, but Ana saw it through and found the perfect buyer to make it all come together with a great financial outcome for me. I really cannot thank Ana enough for all that she and her team at ClimbSF did to make the sale happen!”
-B. Hicks

“As first-time home buyers in a relatively new city, Ana was exactly what we needed in a realtor. She was equal parts informative and caring, which makes a tremendous difference when you are on your third offer and stressing out from San Fran market psychoticness. My wife and I scoured multiple neighborhoods over about four months to finally land the perfect first condo to start our tenure here in San Francisco, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without Ana and Edie’s help. Ana was great by being able to inform us of the pros and cons of every property, every neighborhood, every possible renovation, etc. It was great having her wealth of knowledge, and as mentioned, her dedication to making sure we were comfortable throughout every step of the process.”
– R. Angerami 

“Ana is the consummate professional. Ana knows the market and the neighborhoods. She listened to our needs and Ana delivered!  We will continue to seek Ana’s help when buying or selling another property. Clearly, Ana has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication. We’ve dealt with a few realtors over the years–we now have a realtor for life. Thank you for making our experience seamless and smooth.
– Deborah C.

“We purchased our condo in San Francisco in 2005, as the market was heating up and prices were climbing by the day. Three years later, we were unable to sell, even as we dropped the price and got desperate. Fast-forward another three years and the market was starting to thaw…but we still weren’t sure if we could sell. We met with Ana Rubke and Edie Narrido and talked about the market, our options, and selling in a building that had some challenges. We worked primarily with Ana, but she and Edie worked as a team. This was great, because if one was unavailable, the other was free, so we always felt like their only client.

“Ana kept us informed at every step in the process, soliciting our feedback but not pestering us. We trusted her as an expert to do what needed to be done to sell our condo. When it first listed, we were highly skeptical (pessimistic?) that it would ever sell … and if it did, it would take many months. We were wrong; it sold in three weeks. Clearly, Ana knows what she’s doing; she marketed our place heavily–brokers’ tours and open houses, lots of ‘regular’ open houses, contacting people who might be interested, getting feedback from potential buyers, marketing it to her contacts. And I should point out that our condo was not a high-priced place, so she wasn’t really working hard for us for the high payout.

“In the end, we were supremely pleased with the outcome and the process. You know that the real estate market can attract all kinds, but Ana is one of the few good ones. I highly recommend working with her and would do so again in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself.”
– Darrell H.

“Ana and Edie were fantastic! They advised us on every step along the way and were always available whenever we needed them. They really went above and beyond in helping us sell our unit–and for much more than we had thought possible. We highly, highly recommend them!”
– M. & C. Heller

My name:
Ana Rubke
I am:
In love with San Francisco.
Born In:
Languages Spoken:
English and Portuguese.
Proudest Moment:
Seeing both my kids graduate from college.
Biggest Challenge:
Not enough time in the day.
Alarm Clock:
My dog Bailey.
Perfect Day:
Sailing the San Francisco Bay without getting sea sick.
First Job:
Babysitting (in hindsight, this was excellent training for my future kids and dogs).
Super Hero Power:
Supernatural sweet tooth.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
South Beach
The incredible buyers I get to meet on a regular basis.
Climb is:
An impressive collection of talented agents ready to help you.

What do you love about San Francisco?

The diversity in our city. No matter where you come from, San Francisco welcomes you.

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