Ciena Yi

Ciena Yi

Sales Associate


  DRE 01952069

  • Committed
  • Determined
  • Open Minded

Agent Profile

You shouldn’t have to settle for any home and you shouldn’t have to settle for any realtor. When you hire Ciena, you’re getting a dedicated agent in one of the premier real estate groups in the Bay Area, Climb Real Estate. Ciena will always ensure that his client receives an immediate response and specialized service at every hour, day or night. Real estate is all about experience and that is what Ciena and Climb Real Estate delivers.

Ciena was born in Oakland and spent most of his life throughout the Bay Area. As a dedicated realtor, Ciena keeps his eyes on the market and his fingers to the pulse of the Bay Area to ensure that his clients never miss an opportunity to find the perfect home or maximize their investment.

Ciena has a deep passion for real estate. He studies and understands the nuances of the fast-moving Bay Area market. The Bay Area is changing quickly and having a team that’s up to speed and in your corner is critical. Real estate is not just about the market or the prices, it’s also about your network, persistence, and having the drive to get the job done for your client. This is what Ciena is all about; giving his clients every opportunity before and after the deal is made.

Ciena has worked on renovations with his father since he was a young man. He continues to hone these skills with his investors and clients who demand this type of knowledge from their realtor. Ciena has a great eye for identifying strong investment opportunities, and passes on these insights to his clients.

The one hour Ciena does get to himself, he spends familiarizing himself more with the Bay Area. Ciena regularly runs around Oakland’s iconic Lake Merritt and frequents San Francisco’s landmarks and restaurants. Ciena also has a love for cars and is particularly passionate about Porsches.

Ciena is always humbled to be a part of his client’s journey to homeownership. Helping his clients with all their questions, helping them navigate through their many lending options, and eventually helping his client find that perfect home or investment is what excites Ciena the most about being in real estate.

Standards you want in a person, standards you need in your Realtor. “You deserver better,” Ciena Yi.

My name:
Bunhong Ciena Yi.
I am:
Committed to your search.
Born In:
Oakland, CA
Languages Spoken:
English and Cambodian.
Proudest Moment:
Becoming a realtor.
Biggest Challenge:
Transitioning my career.
Alarm Clock:
24 hours.
Perfect Day:
Gym, work, work, dinner, work.
First Job:
Super Hero Power:
Mind reading, to better help my clients and rule the world.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Hayes Valley.
Million Dollar Listing.
Climb is:
Growing on me.

What do you love about the SF Bay Area?

Everything; the culture, the diversity, the history, the people, the food, the opportunity, just everything!

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