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  • Top 1% of San Francisco Realtors
  • Full-Time Real Estate Agent Since 2002
  • San Franciscan Since 1999
  • Founder of Top Producing Real Estate Team SFhotlist.com

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About Danielle

With SFhotlist.com, DanielleLazier.com and my other web endeavors, I aim to provide helpful information on the San Francisco real estate market and economy as well as home buying and selling insider tips and tricks. No matter where you are on your real estate journey, I believe in harnessing the power of high-demand, low-supply San Francisco real estate to build a secure future.

My mantra: Buy what you can afford, as soon as you can afford it, and watch your financial security and substantial tax savings grow over the years. In other words, to get to the penthouse, you must first get on the elevator.

There may be a few stops along the way (including, perhaps, that tiny starter condo with no parking) but one thing is for sure: if you don’t start now, you’ll only have less time to get where you want to go. Personally, I have climbed my own property ladder starting with an Inner Mission loft condo and moving to a Bernal Heights single-family home. I have also successfully purchased investment property and fixer-uppers which we carefully remodeled and sold for a profit.

My business has grown successfully over the years thanks to the repeat business of happy clients and their introductions to friends, family and neighbors. Read the online reviews to see how I work.

One size does not fit all when it comes to the right agent, CPA, attorney or hairdresser. It is vital to have the right fit. Whether you are an SF first time buyer, a first time home seller, an investor looking for the right investment or project, or a successful business person seeking their San Francisco residence, I know how to effectively consult, negotiate and oversee the complex transactional details of San Francisco real estate.

For home sellers, I will help you accurately present, price and market your property to achieve the highest and best results. My marketing is high-tech and targeted to the buyers (and their agents) who are most likely to want your home. And importantly, I will tell you the truth and guide you through the home selling process to create a calm, enjoyable experience.

Whether you are buying a $500,000 starter home or a $5,000,000 San Francisco luxury residence, I will help you clarify your goals and prepare you to be armed and ready when the right property comes around.

My client experiences range from San Francisco first time buyers to professional real estate developers to international business people to high-profile technology executives (and everyone in between). No matter who you are or what your goal is, the process with me will be transparent and empowering. The only way I can continue to grow my business by referral and word of mouth is because I deliver both results AND an enjoyable experience.

Let’s talk. 

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Client Testimonials

“As of 2 days ago, we own an amazing house in the Mission, and without Danielle and Mike, I guarantee it wouldn’t have happened.

“We were introduced to Danielle by a friend of ours who used her to help them find a house, and who had been thoroughly impressed. All the friends we asked about tips for how to choose an agent said to look for someone who really knows the area well, someone who knows and has good relationships with lots of other agents (because it’s a pretty small community, especially in SF), and someone who has a working style that works well with you.

“From reading her bio, and from what we learned when we first met, Danielle clearly meets the first 2 criteria; she has a ton of experience working in SF for over a decade, and seems to know everyone. As to the working style, she and her partner Mike also make it clear in the initial meeting that it’s as important to them as it should be to you that your styles are compatible, because it’s such a word-of-mouth and review-driven business that they really want to make sure everyone’s happy all the way through the process.

“She also noted that most of their buyers get their fist offer, and those who don’t get their second. I think this statistic says a lot about why everyone is so happy with her–she makes sure that bids are competitive and realistic, and she knows the market well enough to help her buyers make winning offers. Given the craziness of the SF market, that’s huge.

“She and her partner take the time to get to know you and what you’re looking for, and to really educate you on how the SF market works, what’s realistic and available for your budget, and what things you can do to make your odds better. Mike took us around and showed us all the properties in our price range in the areas we were considering, and gave us lots of insight into what makes one place more expensive than another, what’s normal and what isn’t, and what looked like good deals vs. bad deals. He was incredibly helpful and supportive all throughout the viewing, thinking and bidding process, which can be crazy stressful.

“The property we got was ridiculously hard to figure out a bid price on, because it was intentionally listed even lower than usual, it hadn’t been updated, and it had a huge unpermitted space downstairs with tons of potential. You really couldn’t price it directly with any comparable properties, because there really weren’t any. And yet, we ended up getting it for the low end of what she guessed it would sell for. We tied with another offer, and I’m sure the only reason they sold to us was due to Danielle’s recommendations for what to put in our offer and her good working relationship with the selling agent.

“Danielle and her partners also keep in touch after the sale, and want to make sure you’re happy in your home. Need an architect, contractor, or interior designer? They’ll recommend ones they’ve worked with and trust.

“I won’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know looking to buy in the SF area, and will absolutely return if and when we decide to sell and buy a new place.”
– Don H., buyer

“If you need to sell a home, look no further. Danielle and her team are professional and knowledgeable. The process was quick and efficient and her contacts through banking and title companies were a pleasure to deal with. No details needed, everything is taken care of. Period.”
– Tobin J., seller

“My husband and I were referred to Danielle through our mortgage consultant (we got pre-approved for a loan prior to the house hunting process).  The initial meeting with her and her colleague Debbie Rutledge was an extremely informative and educational experience. They wholly listened to our ‘must haves/nice to haves’ around home and neighborhood preferences, and more importantly, got to know us as a couple–an asset that tremendously helped make it a seamless process from beginning to end. In fact, we had such a great experience with Danielle and Debbie that I decided to list 8 reasons we recommend these two to anyone looking for a house in SF (whether you’re a first-time or seasoned homeowner): 

  1. We closed within 3 weeks of placing our offer.  Although my husband and I set the final offer price, we listened to their recommendations based on neighborhood comps. 
  2. Communication with this team is effective, efficient, and consistent.  You’re never left in the dark. 
  3. Danielle and Debbie are professional, friendly, and working for the homeowners’ best interest. Although it can be a tense process, we had a lot of fun over the few weeks we worked with them. 
  4. Admittedly, I didn’t even want to look at the listing for our current home because it didn’t come with the attributes I was looking for. Debbie encouraged me to look at it nevertheless because she and Danielle had a hunch it was something we would very strongly consider–they were right! 
  5. Danielle and Debbie worked seamlessly with our mortgage consultant, loan officer, and escrow officer; they orchestrated a lot of the communication and even made the effort to join us on signing day. 
  6. They are very accommodating. Granted, you have to act fast in this market, but they were not willing to compromise when it came to our home purchase. 
  7. There is an immense amount of trust that you want with your Realtor, and we felt that we had built that after the first day of viewing homes. 
  8. Three weeks, first offer accepted, and first-time homeowners in SF–because of Danielle and Debbie. Enough said.”

– Deepa and Kishan B., buyer

“Deciding to work with Danielle was probably one of the best decisions we made when we decided to purchase a house. We worked with her and Sasha, and they were a dream team (the one with Jordan). What I found refreshing about them was that they were straight talkers, no nonsense, not pushy, just interested in what you thought of places and adjusted accordingly. In a word, they were easy. Easygoing, easy to work with, and made the process for us easy. Five weekends of hunkering down and looking at places and sharing our thoughts with them, then two separate bids and we now have a place. I specifically remember asking them a few times, ‘Um, do I need to do anything else?’ Nope, they had everything covered. And even with us having purchased our place, they still check up on us and see how we are doing and recommend different people for our housing needs. Who said buying a place in SF was tough? Probably people who aren’t working with Danielle and Sasha, that’s who.”
– Mary & Chris H., buyer

“We recently moved to the Bay Area from the East Coast. Not knowing very much about the SF Bay at all, the decision to by a house  in San Francisco was daunting. We knew we were going to need expert advice. Based on the recommendation of a very trusted friend, my wife and I emailed Danielle and her partner, Tanya, the moment we found a house that we were interested in. They immediately emailed us back and Tanya was able to meet with us the very next day.

“About one week after our first meeting, Danielle and Tanya were advising us through the offer process and helped us make the  strongest offer possible, including making a key recommendation related to making our offer stand out.

“In addition to the great service, we were favorably impressed with the professionalism and expertise demonstrated throughout the process. Tanya and Danielle provided expert guidance at every step of the home buying process, from asking the right questions, to expertly handling negotiations, to making all the right recommendations. My wife and I felt completely confident every step of the way. 

“In the end, I don’t think I could have found a better team working on my behalf. We only wished that they could have helped us sell our home on the East Coast. I would not hesitate to use them again or given them my strongest recommendation.”
– Andrew P., buyer

“We recently decided to sell our home and then purchase a new home, both in San Francisco. Based on our online research we discovered Danielle Lazier. At our initial meeting and throughout the selling and purchasing process we were extremely impressed with Danielle and her team’s professionalism, market knowledge, timing, and general approach. Danielle was also very patient and always available to field our questions throughout the entire process. We give Danielle Lazier our strongest recommendation!”
– Karen M., seller and buyer

“When I decided to buy my first home, I knew I wanted help from people who were knowledgeable, well-connected, and professional, but still understand the emotional side to real estate. I found that in Danielle, and her partner Tanya. They were highly recommended by a few close friends at work. Each of my friends praised the skill with which they helped them navigate the tricky SF real estate market to get into the homes that they love. I knew that I wanted a team like that in my corner. 

“After finding the house that felt like home, Danielle and Tanya helped me put together a strong, yet balanced, offer, and a day later, Danielle left me the message that the house was mine (yay!). Even now, Danielle and Tanya continue to help me with great recommendations for landscapers, handymen, and the like. They have made this whole process run so smoothly and I really couldn’t be happier.

“I would use them again without question and am so grateful to them for helping me find my home.”
– Renee D., buyer 

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My name:
Danielle Lazier
I am:
Climb's Sales Director, one of SF's Top Agents since 2002, founder of SFhotlist.com, a crazy Pomeranian lady and a Gemini.
Proudest Moment:
Realizing (in retrospect) that I was San Francisco's first real estate blogger.
Biggest Challenge:
Resisting the urge to buy every bag at Barneys.
Alarm Clock:
Perfect Day:
Sunshine, chaise lounge, clear water and a fancy cocktail.
First Job:
Scooper extraordinaire at Haagen-Dazs, Highland Park Village, Dallas, Texas
Super Hero Power:
Knowing what's coming next.
Favorite SF Neighborhood:
SF is a city of villages. I love them all. OK, most of them.
San Francisco. What better place to create, grow, evolve and innovate?
Climb is:
My real estate home, an industry leader, a disruptor, the place to make it happen.

What do you love about San Francisco real estate?

Its dynamism: It's old. It's new. It's Victorian. It's Mid-Century. It's ultra-contemporary. It's bold. It's subtle. It's whatever you want it to be.

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