Durwin Cheung

Durwin Cheung

Senior Sales Associate



  DRE 01387383

  • Top 1% Agent Award on Trulia
  • Chosen as a Five Star Real Estate Agent Winner by SF Magazine
  • Over 100M in Sales

Agent Profile

Durwin began his real estate career at a very early age and worked tirelessly to become an expert in the San Francisco housing market, focusing heavily on higher-end properties for connoisseurs of excellence. His expertise has allowed him to act as a formidable advocate for clients seeking top-quality housing. From showings to inspections and reports to closings, Durwin’s vast and broad understanding of every aspect of upper-tier properties enable him to deliver the absolute best services to his clients. To date, he has a track record of over $100 million in sales and received a Top 1% Agent Award on Trulia. In 2016 and 2015, he was chosen as a Five Star Real Estate Agent winner by San Francisco Magazine. This prestigious award is given to less than 2% of professionals in the San Francisco area.

San Francisco’s onerous and byzantine real estate rules and regulations can put consumers at a steep disadvantage when it comes to navigating the home-buying process, and Durwin’s clients sing his praises at addressing all issues at every step of a property sale or purchase. It simply isn’t enough to engage an agent who has met the minimum requirements of the state; today’s consumers need a tireless advocate for their interests who has both expertise and experience, and Durwin is the agent you want on your side when you are considering a property transaction. 

Durwin has always had a passion for real estate and real estate development. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in economics, Durwin began his full-time career in real estate. 

Durwin’s other activities include fund-raising for N.E.I.O, the Nepal Education International Organization, which has completed projects such as the building of two schools, and installing hygienic-plumbing bathrooms. The organization continues its research in converting waste into biogas to be used as cooking fuel. Durwin is also an avid poker player.

Whether your real estate needs are modest or top of the line, Durwin will smooth the path to the home of your dreams with the business acumen and real estate savvy that you deserve.

My name:
I am:
Born In:
San Francisco.
Languages Spoken:
English, Chinese.
Proudest Moment:
Buying my first property.
Biggest Challenge:
Winning a heads-up match against a professional poker player.
Alarm Clock:
The sun.
Perfect Day:
Walking the streets of a foreign country for the first time.
First Job:
Cashier at my mom's friend's restaurant.
Super Hero Power:
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Pacific Heights.
Steve Jobs and Olympians.
Climb is:
Innovative and edgy.

What do you love about San Francisco?


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