Emma Prok

Emma Prok

Sales Associate



  DRE 02004380

  • Represents Buyers & Sellers
  • Investment Professional
  • Experienced with Property Flipping

Agent Profile

Emma Prok has actively invested in properties; designed and overseen the renovation of homes; and acted as a property manager, all of which allows her to view real estate with a unique understanding of the possibility that each home affords. Emma is a new addition at Climb Real Estate, where she focuses on helping clients refine and match their lifestyle objectives with real estate investment goals.


My name:
Emma Prok
I am:
One of a kind.
Born In:
Languages Spoken:
Latvian, Russian, and English.
Proudest Moment:
Creating my own clothing line.
Biggest Challenge:
Yet to come.
Alarm Clock:
The softest alarm tone on my iPhone, because why would you want to wake up to a loud and annoying sound?
Perfect Day:
A beautiful sunny morning starting with fresh fluffy homemade blueberry pancakes and a phone call confirming that not only one, but two of my listings have been closed/sold.
First Job:
Bridal consultant at Bridal Mart.
Super Hero Power:
Being a mom.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
The Buena Vista Park area and the Marina.
My grandfather.
Climb is:
The most innovative real estate group there is!

What inspires you about San Francisco real estate?

Owning a property in San Francisco is a dream to a lot of people, and being in San Francisco real estate is helping someone to achieve that dream!

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