Eric Li

Eric Li

Senior Sales Associate


  DRE 01925807

  • Top Agent Network Member
  • Focus in New Construction & Resale Condos in S.F.
  • Fluent in Cantonese & Mandarin
  • Well-Connected Network of Professionals
  • Top Producer 2017

Agent Profile

Eric’s diverse life and work experience has played an important role in shaping his passion for the San Francisco real estate market. Moving to the United States from Asia at a young age, Eric learned early on that change is one of the only constants in life. We experience change throughout life, and this is especially true when it comes to selling or buying a home.

In his early professional career, Eric lived and worked in the advertising industry in Hong Kong. He also lived in Sydney and worked in the fitness industry. Inspired by his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Eric started a successful personal training business prior to entering the real estate market.

All of this experience has given Eric an understanding of and appreciation for a diverse range of cultural and social values, which infuses his hands-on approach to finding the best solutions for his clients in the ever-changing San Francisco market, where diversity and innovation are part of the cultural fabric of those who live and work in the area.

Eric adds value at every stage of the buying and selling process by listening closely and tailoring his approach to each client’s specific needs. He works with Dirk Kinley as part of a team that is among the top 1% of real estate teams in San Francisco.

From negotiating a specific transaction to overseeing the overall process, Eric is committed to delivering the best service—and the best results—for his clients.

Client Testimonials:

“Eric became my superhero. He took care of everything! Really…everything. The only thing I had to was set the price and ‘sign’ the electronic documents. With just a few texts, emails, and a phone call or two from me, Eric was able to take care of the rest–including getting me multiple offers. The closing was the best experience I’ve ever had. Finding a trustworthy realtor who you can depend on to get things done is priceless!”
– Rose Y.

“My wife and I wanted to downsize to save money for our newly born daughter. We had tight cost constraints in a heated market and we wanted the potential for rental income and the potential to improve the property. We had become accustomed to doing the bulk of finding a new home ourselves when we searched for our first home with different realtors: scanning the MLS listing and going to open houses. Eric provided first-class service by sourcing properties that he intuitively knew met our needs. He also took the time to understand what we liked and disliked about each new property, to the point that he knew what we wanted more than what we did, and he identified better opportunities. My wife and I didn’t always see eye-to-eye on the properties we wanted to pursue. Eric also acted as a mediator to make sure we were both satisfied with the homes that we ultimately bid on by reminding us what we were looking for and why. Eric was very patient and kept us on track to find the right home for our growing family. I rely heavily on a Realtor to negotiate and come up with the winning offer without overbidding. Eric has an uncanny ability to not only estimate what will make a winning offer, but more importantly is able to win the hearts of the listing agent and seller. He’s a charmer and we ultimately bought our home largely because the listing agent and seller were sold on how our 3-generational family was a good match for our multi-family home. Eric is a consummate professional who will hustle to find and acquire the right property for you. I highly recommend him for finding your dream home or investment property.”
– Gene Y. & Vicky Y.

“Before I met Eric, I had been looking for houses in a heated market for a couple months and I used to work with another agent. I was disappointed with previous agent’s ability, so I changed my agent to Eric. In the first meeting, I was impressed by Eric’s knowledge and ability. He spent a lot of time to understand my needs and go to see different houses with me. Every time when went to see a house, he was so patient and always pointed out all the pros and cons of the house. And when I made offers, he always very kindly gave advice and never pushed me. When we finally get into contract, we had some difficulties in the process, like the loan application. No matter what happened, Eric never gave up and worked so hard to help me solve the problem. He also has a very wide social network and he can always find the right person to help me. Without his help, I could never finish the contract so smoothly. In the whole process, he was always on my side and fought for all my rights. Now we have become very good friends and he is the only guy I trust for house purchasing. Eric is a truly professional realtor and I love to work with him. In my next purchase, he will definitely be my first choice. I already recommended him to my friends.”
– Heming L.

“I was a first-time buyer with very little knowledge of the process, and then I met Eric. I was impressed by Eric’s reliability and experience, and he was able to quickly get an accurate sense of the kind of place I was looking for. We saw a lot of places together, and he was very knowledgeable about each one. I was very appreciative of the background information for each building that Eric would generate, and it is demonstrative of the amount of time and effort that he puts into his clients. Eric also has an expansive network and can refer a quality person for each step of the process, ranging from home inspection to moving in. Buying a home definitely would have been a much more painful and difficult process without Eric.”
– Charlie L.

“Hi Eric, I want to compliment you for a job well done for my home purchase. You went to great lengths to help me find a home that fits my personality and needs perfectly. You really listened to what I was asking for and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you for answering all the questions I had no matter how silly I thought they might be. Your patience really made it such a smooth transition and such service builds great working relationships. I will always refer you to any and all who might need a great Realtor.”
– Anthony S.

My name:
Eric by day, E-Man by night.
I am:
Committed to what I do with passion.
Proudest Moment:
Realizing how much I've contributed when I see the biggest smiles.
Biggest Challenge:
Also the best opportunities to rise and learn.
Alarm Clock:
My partner and the birds.
Perfect Day:
The day I make a positive impact.
First Job:
When I became a brother.
Super Hero Power:
Connecting all the dots in a split second.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
SOMA, South Beach, and Mission Bay.
My entrepreneurial mom.
Climb is:
Where I choose to stay.

What do you love about San Francisco real estate?

Getting to work with the most diverse and cultured clients, building relationships and achieving goals together.

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