Fiona Chan Hoang

Fiona Chan Hoang

Sales Associate


  DRE 02026585

  • Bay Area Native and Oakland Homeowner
  • 10-year Consumer/Tech PR Veteran
  • Represents Buyers & Sellers

Agent Profile

Fiona Chan Hoang is a PR pro turned real estate agent, born and raised in the Bay Area.

She brings a combination of strategy, strong work ethic and natural instincts, all served up with impeccable service and a proactive attitude. Fiona’s 10-year background working with brands like LEGO, Roku and Shutterfly fueled her passion for smart, innovative marketing and project management. As an agency executive, she quickly and continually proved herself, developing a reputation and relationships that later led to in-house recruitment by former clients and an independent consulting business.

Fiona forges strong relationships and earns the respect and trust of her clients, colleagues and community alike. Her determination and caring personality make her a strong ally and advocate who’ll go above and beyond to provide guidance every step of the way and deliver results. She prides herself on being a resource and connector and is committed to make a positive impact in the lives and communities she’s involved.

A homeowner by her mid-20s, Fiona understands the daunting process that a growing number of Millennials and first-time homebuyers and investors are facing. She believes that the power of technology and research, coupled with integrity and stellar people skills translates into success.

A UC Davis Aggie, Fiona has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Communications and Sociology-Organizational Studies. Cantonese was Fiona’s first language, thanks to afterschool dates with her grandparents and their love of Chinese soap operas. In her spare time, Fiona enjoys exploring neighborhoods near and far, getting lost in a good book, live entertainment and friendly competition over everything from throwing darts to driving golf balls.

My name:
Fiona Chan Hoang
I am:
A Bay Area native. Small in frame, but big in spirit. A lover of people, culture, and new experiences. Loyal, and genuine.
Born In:
The Town, 510, Oakland, CA.
Languages Spoken:
English and Cantonese.
Proudest Moment:
Professionally – Starting my own business. Personally – Marrying my man of 10 years in front of our families, and friends.
Biggest Challenge:
Eating my vegetables.
Alarm Clock:
Internal alarm clock stubbornly set at 6am.
Perfect Day:
Waking up in Lake Tahoe on a fall day. Starts with a hearty breakfast, and the record player spinning, spent outdoors with great company, and concludes with a night cap in front of the TV.
First Job:
Lifeguard and swim instructor at the community pool during high school.
Super Hero Power:
Creative problem solving.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Piedmont Avenue and Grand Lake. Having grown up and settled a short stroll away, this special area filled with locally owned shops, a vibrant dining scene and two historic movie theaters, has been a staple in my life for nearly three decades.
My parents, community, and future little family.
Climb is:
About achieving dreams, and building a fulfilling life.

What do you love about the Bay Area?

Its diversity – the amazing mix of people, scenery, foods, and activities to discover.

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