Gabriel Rojas

Top Producer, Senior Sales Associate


  CalBRE 01904198

  • Mad about Lofts & Conversion Properties
  • SFAR Board of Directors 2015, Chair of the Education & Member Services Committee, Co-Chair of the Event Planning Committee
  • Human First, Realtor Second

Agent Profile

Senior Sales Associate Gabriel Rojas embodies the ideals that have established Climb as a paradigm of luxury and technological innovation. Persevering, ambitious, and an extraordinary listener, Gabriel stakes his success and reputation on his uncompromising attention to detail and his pioneering spirit.

Gabriel Rojas grew up dividing his time between the countryside of The Finger Lakes in New York and the cutting edge lifestyle of New York City. His father, an accomplished fashion photographer, helped him to develop an extraordinary eye for detail which has been translated into his love for real estate, architecture, photography, and design. His father’s photo studio, located in the Meat Packing District, was a pioneering real estate play long before it became the hip and trendy destination it is now.

While working in advertising sales as a Business Development Manager, Gabriel’s curiosity for real estate opportunities took flight in 2000 with an investment in what is now known as Harlem’s Renaissance. Seeing potential value in an area that he knew was destined to succeed, his investment in a home would then become a profitable rental property when he decided to move to San Francisco.

For buyers and investors, Gabriel brings the same opportunistic outlook to San Francisco real estate. Working as a leasing agent in The Mission District, he quickly learned the diverse neighborhoods, their unique character, and the kind of renters and buyers interested in becoming a part of them. “Like New York, San Francisco provides people with an exciting opportunity to buy in a world-class city that’s experiencing incredible growth, seeing amazing innovation, and future value.”

Client Testimonials:

“My experience with Gabriel is honestly the best experience with a realtor I have ever had. He truly listened to my needs and was extremely selective about only showing me properties that exactly matched what I was looking for. Not only that, but he went above and beyond what was required even after I had purchased the property. I had some problems in the initial stages after my purchase, and he continued to work with me and help, even though he had already completed his job. He is honest, trustworthy, and caring, and I really can’t recommend a realtor more! If you use him, you will be in excellent hands.”
Andre M.

“Gabe is without a doubt the best agent with whom we’ve ever worked. We would use him again in a heartbeat. He knows the market better than anyone, and he always looked out for our interests. He’s professional, courteous, and as ethical as they come. To top it off, he’s also a super nice guy. Hire him. You won’t regret it.”
– Ben W.

“We worked with Gabe to successfully purchase an investment condo in San Francisco. Since we were in the process of completing a 1031 exchange, we had a limited amount of time to identify and close on a property. Gabe’s knowledge of the SF market was tremendous, as he really had his finger on the pulse of pricing, availability, and the competitive landscape. His expertise ultimately led to a quick and smooth purchase for us. We would highly recommend Gabe to anyone looking for an honest, diligent, and knowledgeable real estate pro.”
– Romie B.

“Gabriel is absolutely the best! He sold my condo within a couple of weeks. I was initially worried because my condo was near a new construction and the view could be blocked once the new building went up. In addition, my condo did not have any of the amenities that several of the new developments seem to have (gyms, pools, concierge, etc). However, in our first meeting Gabriel already had a game plan. He showed my place to a ton of agents and some buyers before we even put it on the market. Once it was on the market, we had a buyer within hours and an offer well above the asking price! After some negotiations it was a done deal. All in a two-week time frame. Simply amazing! Thank you, Gabriel, for making it all so easy and painless.”
– Mona M.

“Gabriel is a highly professional realtor. He is detail-oriented, professional, and courteous. He’s one of the only agents I know to be consistently on time for appointments, too! His knowledge of the marketplace is second to none.”
– Jane M.

“My wife and I worked with Gabe this past spring in a search for a house in Pacific Heights. From the get-go, Gabe demonstrated that he was eager for our business without ever putting on a hard sell. We felt throughout the process that Gabe was working hard for us, that he listened to us, understood our requirements, and helped us formulate a strategy that enabled us to finally land a condo in the perfect spot for us. Gabe is very thoughtful and professional, easy to work with, and dedicated to his clients. We recommend him highly to anyone seeking to buy a house in San Francisco.”
– Luke B.

“We chose Gabriel as our agent to help us buy a condo in SOMA a couple months ago. Not only did he find us our dream property, but he had the right connections to get us a showing before it hit the market, giving us a huge advantage over other buyers. I’m happy to say we have now moved into our new place and absolutely love it. Many thanks to Gabriel for a fast and smooth transaction and helping all along the way.”
– Scott B.

“We recently purchased a condo in the city and Gabriel really worked hard for us and got the job done. He was polite and friendly and really knew what to tell us and how to find what we needed.”
– Katrina G

My name:
Gabriel Luis Rojas
I am:
A work in progress and doing what I love.
Proudest Moment:
Surviving NYC at 17 with $50 to owning property by 29.
Biggest Challenge:
To never become complacent.
Alarm Clock:
The sun and maybe a few honking cars...
Perfect Day:
No alarm, Yerba Mate or strong coffee with great food, a run or some tennis, helping a client fulfill their goals, and lots of laughter.
First Job:
Paper route at age 12.
Super Hero Power:
To fly and to feed the hungry.
Favorite SF Neighborhood:
Wherever I may roam.
Making every client's goals come to fruition.
Climb is:

What do you love about San Francisco?

While I love (the heart sign) NY, I've left my heart in San Francisco. The outdoor lifestyle, technology-driven economy, and amazing homes are what I love most about the city.

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