Gary Lo

Gary Lo

Senior Sales Associate


  DRE 01879999

  • Local knowledge with deep roots as native to San Francisco for 31 years
  • 6+ Years in the real estate industry
  • Active marketing, collaborative consulting
  • Focus: New Construction / Single Family/ Condos/ TIC / Multi-Unit/ Mixed Use
  • Fluent in Cantonese

Agent Profile

As an real estate industry professional with over six year experience, I have helped buyers and sellers with over $25 million worth of real estate. Early on in my life I knew how important it was to to own a home. When my parents had to bit the bullet and make a purchase even though we were scraping by, it was one of the best investments they could have ever made. Through out college it still had itched in the back of my mind and I was always curious constantly looking at the market for fun. I realized I was not cut out for hanging around a laboratory and went for it.

The approach I bring to all my interpersonal relations, is that I genuinely care about people, and always wondering how they are doing and how I can help them. I think we take it for granted that we know so many people, but we fail to interact and lose the connection. I want to always stay on connected with everyone to make sure they are doing well.

Rapport in this business is important and being able to communicate is key. This means both to the clients and to fellow agents. Which brings me to my next trait which is maintaining a strong network. Networks can help transactions go from the bottom to the top. It is hard to build a network, but it takes time and patience. I am also an experienced negotiator, problem solver, and connector.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science from San Francisco State University. I reside in San Francisco and grew up in the Sunset/Parkside neighborhoods.

Outside of selling real estate, I admit that I do not enjoy working out but it is part of my life. Who likes it right? But we have to do it. It’s an love hate hobby. I also enjoy beer brewing (IPA’s and Double IPA’s), cooking and smoking meats, and making random sous vide recipes to see what works.

My name:
Gary Lo.
I am:
Always learning to do better.
Born In:
San Francisco Chinatown - same hospital as Bruce Lee.
Languages Spoken:
Proudest Moment:
Signing my first listing through the efforts of marketing.
Biggest Challenge:
Alarm Clock:
Friends calling me to go meet them at the gym.
Perfect Day:
Start my day with a quick and effective work out, breakfast with the people I care most about including my dog, pick up my bags and head to SFO for a trip outside of the Continent.
First Job:
GAP on Post St & Kearny at age 16. How on earth did we make a living off $7.25.
Super Hero Power:
Sounds stupid but I like the Ice Man. I can create any thing mold, shape, house you name it with ICE. Not to mention Ice for your drinks.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Golden Gate Heights, Potrero Hill, Pac Heights.
To see families grow in their homes while building wealth.
Climb is:
Trailblazing in the real estate industry.

What do I love most about San Francisco?

There is so many things it is hard to name them. Its hard to pin point sometimes since I have lived here almost my whole life but I really get to highlight it when I leave the city during my travels including the temperature, cultural diversity, historical landmarks, opportunities, and food.

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