Grant K. Inaba

Grant K. Inaba

Sales Associate


  DRE 01905199

  • Degree in Real Estate
  • Well-Versed in Construction & Renovation
  • Investment Professional
  • Tech Master

Agent Profile

Transitioning from a learner to a practitioner to a master has interesting phases, because in Grant’s case, he feels like he is always living all three phases. He has begun to understand that the experiences he gains are both patient and quick. Still, having invested his own time in real estate, Grant finds it is not someone’s years of experience that makes a difference; it is the minutes they live real estate. Go ahead and ask any agent how many minutes they invest in real estate a day. Grant counted his and on the average he spends 650 minutes a day working in real estate. To his clients, this means the possibility of avoiding 650 mistakes that can happen every minute in this market and 650 opportunities to move forward in life. To Grant, it means 650 moments to create an opportunity where one did not exist and 650 opportunities to create a unique moment. He works towards creating an opportunity of a lifetime so a person can retell the story in a life-changing way.

In the mid-2000s, Grant felt the market was growing disproportionately. It felt to him like a secret discovery and he wanted to take advantage of it. Grant had no idea how to buy a house, so he began to take classes in real estate at the local community college across the street from his rented apartment. He already had a career in the library field so started taking night classes, two per semester. He found learning something new to be invigorating. He was intrigued when he found out that after only a few classes, he could take the salespersons license exam, so he began studying for it without any intention to use it. Grant is a bit of a certification nut and likes collecting letters after his name.

It was about this time that Grant started his personal home search. By graduation, he had taken every class he could in real estate and still had the bug to learn more. It was a natural decision for him to begin working in the field, especially considering at about that time the library field started to experience a downturn. He finally bought his house and also got a job at Redfin.

After a couple learning years with them and having enjoyed the technological way to do real estate, Grant sought a brokerage with the same philosophy but that would allow him the freedom and autonomy to do business the way he thought most efficient and that would fit his personal style best. It is here at Climb’s Good Real Estate Team in the East Bay that they use the best technology tools and work as a team to serve their clients quickly and courteously. They work together instead of competing for each others’ clients. And because they are an aggressive, hard-working, cooperating team, they create results. These results, in the form of closings, give them the information and hard data they need to create more successful closes in the future.

Agents in the industry recognize that Grant’s team is reliable and can get the job done and appreciate working with them. While a regular solo traditional agent closes a certain amount in their market, the team closes two to three times more. Their market is so competitive that clients need the most expertise possible at their side. And why would you want anything less when it’s the biggest purchase you will ever make? People Grant talks with may think he is pulling their leg when he telsl them how great he thinks his team is, but he hopes they know he is trying to do his best by them. It is a place that fits perfectly the way Grant wants to do business and the business philosophy he holds.

My name:
Grant Inaba
I am:
A real estate agent.
Born In:
Languages Spoken:
English, limited Japanese, limited Spanish.
Proudest Moment:
Every time I thought I made my parents proud.
Biggest Challenge:
Every day in real estate.
Alarm Clock:
I wake up on my own at the crack of dawn ready for a 24-hour adventure.
Perfect Day:
When everyone I come in contact with appreciates my effort to make a better world.
First Job:
My father's auto parts store.
Super Hero Power:
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
My potential.
Climb is:
A real estate agency with an interesting name.

What do you love about the East Bay?

At this point there is more diversity across the East Bay than San Francisco. And #teamfast is here!

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