Hassan Leo Moore

Hassan Leo Moore

Sales Associate



  DRE 02012128

  • Two term Vice President of the Merritt College Real Estate Forum
  • Avid Oakland Market Watcher (From Neighborhoods to City Hall)
  • Founder of Real Estate Running Club

Agent Profile

Hassan Moore was literally born into the real estate industry. His parents were both real estate agents at the time of his birth, and his father has been a broker for 30+ years. With a natural foundation in the industry and fresh new perspectives on marketing and technology, Hassan decided to enter the family business. Born in Oakland, but raised in five different countries, Hassan has both a local and global perspective. Hassan is in his second term as the Vice President of the Merritt College Real Estate Forum, an Executive of the Merritt College Real Estate Alumni Board, and a frequent attendee of City Council, Planning Commission, and Young Professionals meetings in the city of Oakland. In addition to his near-lifelong background in real estate, Hassan also has six years of customer service/sales experience and four years of experience in the filmmaking industry. Hassan uses this diverse skill set to apply both the technical and aesthetic to his business model. As a self-proclaimed “chronic networker,” Hassan attends dozens of events per month in the majority of the SF Bay Area’s major cities in order to develop a practical and up-to-date understanding of the nature of communities and the people and businesses within them. In his capacity as an Executive of the Merritt Real Estate Forum, and as a consultant to other agents and companies, Hassan developed a unique understanding of the market trends of the San Francisco Bay Area. This knowledge, coupled with Hassan’s strong relationships in both the private and public sector, makes him a dynamic and capable advocate and representative.

My name:
Hassan Moore "The Refined Realtor"
I am:
A Professional Socialite.
Born In:
Oakland, CA.
Languages Spoken:
English, Jamaican Patois.
Proudest Moment:
Having a film I wrote and acted in get triple-nominated at a film festival.
Biggest Challenge:
Going to sleep at night (my city needs me).
Alarm Clock:
MANY alarms set on my phone in 15-minute increments.
Perfect Day:
In the woods all morning, at the office all day, at a cocktail party till an inconceivable hour.
First Job:
Real estate assistant.
Super Hero Power:
Transmutation of elements.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Jack London/Old Oakland.
Conor McGregor.
Climb is:

What do you love about the Bay Area?

I was born here, and though I've been to many places, the people make me want to stay here for good.

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