Jerry Beverly

Jerry Beverly

Sales Associate


  DRE 01957422

  • Raised In The Bay Area
  • Passionate About Assisting Distressed Property Owners
  • Introduced To Real Estate As An Investor

Agent Profile

Jerry attended Whitworth University in Spokane Washington,

receiving a BA in Business Accounting. The up’s and down’s of being a student athlete formed the hard work, perseverance, and dedication he hangs his hat on today. Learning to prioritize, communicate and execute in every situation sets him apart from other Real Estate professionals.

Beginning his Real Estate career during the downturn forced him to think outside of the box and be creative in his endeavors. Real Estate has always been a passion, once recognizing that not many people are well versed in the subject, made it that much more worthy to pursue. Every client is a new experience, and adhering to their needs is his priority.

Jerry feels that every person he meets is a new opportunity to gain knowledge. Outside of Real Estate Jerry likes to stay healthy by attempting to play basketball when his back isn’t hurting, and has completely conquered the stair master!

My name:
Jerry Beverly
I am:
Hard working, determined, and trustworthy.
Born In:
Los Angeles.
Languages Spoken:
Proudest Moment:
Completing an hour on the Stairmaster.
Biggest Challenge:
Consistently improving all facets of life.
Alarm Clock:
Echo Dot (Alexa) 6:30AM
Perfect Day:
Eat healthy, workout and close multiple transactions.
First Job:
Starbucks barista.
Super Hero Power:
Mind reader.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
All Bay Area neighborhoods.
Climb is:
Very innovative!

What inspires you about San Francisco real estate?

Opportunities are limitless.

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