Jody Cox

Jody Cox

Leasing Agent


  DRE 01964877

  • Diligently, Persistently Dedicated to Finding Great Tenants
  • Oakland & Inner East Bay Focused
  • 55+ units/year in 2016 & 2017
  • Recently Filled a Newly Renovated Building in Oakland

Agent Profile

Inquisitive, competitive, and adventurous by nature, Jody grew up traveling the world before dropping anchor in Oakland—a place which allowed her to do the near-impossible: to put down roots and call one place her home.

By no means did that mean settling down and sitting still. Since then, she’s been busy acting asa match maker between landlords and tenants in the East Bay and San Francisco. When she’s not pairing tenants and homes, she’s out exploring the greater Bay Area for all of the nooks, crannies, oases, and hidden gems it has to offer. This inquiring enthusiasm, her own knowledge, experience, and astute professionalism, along with an amazing ability to listen and intuit the needs and desires of others, are some of the hallmarks of her growing professional reputation.

With Jody, you can expect diligent, fast, and attentive response and service. In 2016 and 2017 alone, she was responsible for leasing around 60 properties a year. With a strong focus on the Oakland and the Inner East Bay, she is frequently a resource for rental quotes and current pricing among real estate agents, in addition to being an oft-cited source on East Bay insight. Among her clients, many consider her a friend as well as part of the team.

Whether it’s pairing great tenants and homes or perhaps just a sound recommendation on some of the many splendors of the Bay Area, Jody prides herself on being a deep well of local information and a trusted resource within arm’s reach.

My name:
I am:
Curious, caring, and passionate.
Born In:
Encino, CA.
Languages Spoken:
Proudest Moment:
Competing in the Ore-Ida Women’s Cycling Challenge.
Biggest Challenge:
Traversing the Bay Bridge.
Alarm Clock:
The first light of day.
Perfect Day:
Paddling an outrigger canoe.
First Job:
Sam’s Ice Cream Parlor.
Super Hero Power:
Energizer Bunny.
My mom.
Climb is:
Fresh, Diverse, Inspired.

What do you love about San Francisco?

I love the city's proximity to Oakland and the East Bay.

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