John D. Hoskins

John D. Hoskins

Senior Sales Associate


  DRE 01135376

  • 24-Year Real Estate Professional
  • Appraiser, Licensed Termite Inspector, Property Inspector
  • Highly Respected

Agent Profile

John’s career spans over 20 years of providing his clients with a wealth of resources he’s cultivated over his career. He knows how real estate cycles work and how to stay ahead and make the necessary adjustments to remain competitive in a ever-changing market. Representation of his client’s desires, needs, and protection is his first priority in all of his business affairs. Being focused, present, and in the moment with each client is critical to a successful relationship.

San Francisco is an ever-changing city, especially over the last decade. Being a participant and a contributor in this dynamic city is extremely exhilarating, feeding John’s desire to always exceed his clients’ expectations.

One of the most critical facets of his representation is reviewing and understanding hundreds of pages of disclosures to ensure his client’s interest is protected. One of John’s “Golden Rules” is to never represent both a seller and buyer in the purchase of a property. He firmly believes, and has proven, that representing both buyer and seller is identical to representing a plaintiff and defendant. It humanly can’t be done without compromising one or both parties. He only works with new clients if he can provide them his dedicated attention and the uncompromised professional service they deserve during the entire process.

National and international relocation companies trust John to provide services to high-profile clients and corporate executives that require strict confidentiality and coordination of personal staff, house managers, and other dedicated persons to ensure a seamless transition to a new life in San Francisco and other prestige locations throughout Northern California. His team of professional attorney’s tax accounts, embassy connections, and adherence to U.S. Homeland Security requirements offer additional critical protection for his international clients to avoid costly errors in the legal protocol for ownership of real estate in the United States.

Berlin, Germany is becoming the central technology center of Europe, where many American nationals are being relocated from Silicon Valley, as well as a mecca for technology start-up firms across Europe. John works closely with multiple agencies in Berlin, Copenhagen, and London by visit and conference calls on a routine schedule keeping himself and his colleagues abreast of the new expansion, developments, and rejuvenation of Europe and San Francisco. John holds dual European and U.S. citizenship, providing him access to resources and connections within Europe and other countries U.S. citizens are prohibited to travel to or do business with. He visits Europe several times each year spending time with family and colleagues and building new international relationships that provides a bridge from Europe to the Golden Gate Bridge.

My name:
John Hoskins
I am:
A Senior Sales Associate and client advocate.
Born In:
Berlin, Germany.
Languages Spoken:
English and German.
Proudest Moment:
Serving in the U. S. Air Force, "Commanding Flight Nurse" Medical Airlift Wing USAF.
Biggest Challenge:
Visiting every country around the globe.
Alarm Clock:
Chad and Brody.
Perfect Day:
A day trip to Big Sur watching the waves and wildlife and breathing fresh ocean air.
First Job:
Super Hero Power:
Ending cancer.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Duboce Triangle.
Sir Charles Nicholas Branson.
Climb is:
Collaborative, innovative, progressive, supportive, and amazing team of professionals.

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