Krystle Harrison

Krystle Harrison

Sales Associate


  DRE 02052383

  • 3 Years in Real Estate Investing
  • Exceptional Sales & Marketing Expertise Undaunted by Challenges & Driven to Overcome Obstacles

Agent Profile

Krystle knows San Francisco inside and out. As a native and lifelong resident of this beautiful, diverse city, Krystle grew up and lives in the Outer Mission. Her love for San Francisco runs deep – in fact, she can’t pick a favorite neighborhood because she truly appreciates the uniqueness of each one!

Krystle is committed to blending her passion for real estate with her genuine desire to help others and shift thinking toward the possibility – and many benefits – of homeownership. With personal experience and a track record of success as a private real estate investor, Krystle knows the business intimately from both the seller and buyer sides of the transaction. She is a business owner and entrepreneur, having created a real estate investment company specializing in the purchase of residential rental properties. Her high-ROI portfolio includes single-family properties in the East Bay and 20 residential units in Texas.

Krystle’s successful corporate career encompasses sales, marketing, business development and brand ambassador roles. Renowned for deepening global brand awareness of iconic companies, including Google, Salesforce and Samsung, Krystle was widely recognized for her ability to connect with customers and establish trusted, meaningful relationships. She consistently exceeded aggressive sales goals and earned a strong reputation for her ability to understand the customer on a deep level and provide viable solutions.

It was a natural progression and an honor to join the innovative, cutting-edge Climb real estate team, where Krystle partners with each client to assess their specific needs and current situation to devise a customized short- and long-term strategic real estate plan. Krystle is undaunted by obstacles and is known for her unique ability to identify actionable strategies based on in-depth research and due diligence to arm her clients with the knowledge they need to achieve desired outcomes. She believes home ownership is an option for everyone and will go above and beyond to fulfill clients’ dreams.

Krystle is the mother of an 8-year-old son, Napoleon, whose passion for computer coding already makes him an ideal candidate for Google! With a personal focus on health and fitness, she makes it a priority to hit the gym daily and she also enjoys going on runs and hikes. An avid reader and lifelong learner, Krystle’s favorite book is ‘The Millionaire Mind’ by Thomas J. Stanley. In addition to reading everything related to real estate, she keeps her pulse on the market and latest trends and developments by frequently attending real estate seminars and industry events.

Of paramount importance to Krystle is building a legacy. She believes in making a difference now in order to have a profound impact on the future. That starts with living life to help others – following your own passion and identifying your gifts in order to give back. Krystle imparts this belief to her son, serving as an example of living life with a kind heart and embracing solid, time-tested values and morals. There are no shortcuts in business or life – ever.

Krystle attributes her inspiration and unwavering dedication to personal and professional success to her grandmother, who arrived in the U.S. from El Salvador with little education, limited finances and no English. But, she also had no shortage of determination and a relentless drive to create her own legacy. Her grandmother secured a job, learned to speak English, and fulfilled the American dream — she purchased a home – and worked diligently to pay it off in record time.

Krystle’s clients will undoubtedly benefit from her extensive knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market, her impeccable work ethic, her authentic desire to help others, and her commitment to doing her part to ensure home ownership is an option for all.

My name:
Krystle Harrison
I am:
A sales associate, investor and consultant.
Born In:
San Francisco
Languages Spoken:
Proudest Moment:
Buying my first investment property.
Biggest Challenge:
Working with people who procrastinate.
Alarm Clock:
News briefing powered by Samsung Mobile.
Perfect Day:
Beach, pina colada, and the sun!
First Job:
Big Lots.
Super Hero Power:
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Each neighborhood has its own unique style. I live in San Francisco and have traveled the world and have never seen so much character.
Success and being a legacy.
Climb is:

What do you love about Bay Area real estate?

You will never see real estate like San Francisco real estate. The architecture has so much character, elegance, and charm.

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