Kunal Mehta

Kunal Mehta

Sales Associate



  DRE 02001799

  • Deep Range of Experience in the Real Estate Industry
  • Focus on Dogpatch, SOMA, Potrero HIll, Bayview and Mission
  • Strong Communication, Client Service, and Negotiation Skills

Agent Profile

Kunal brings to Climb Real Estate a wealth of experience and passion for real estate. He understands the dynamics of the market, the uniqueness of each of the San Francisco neighborhood, and he thrives on the challenge of finding the perfect home for his clients.  
Kunal‘s goal is to ensure the best client experience. His engineering and MBA backgrounds make him very analytical, a skill that allows him to ensure that his clients are successful at buying or selling. Kunal‘s interactions with the client do not end at the completion of a transaction— he is committed to building long relationships.
Kunal specializes in the SOMA, Potrero Hill, Bayview and Mission neighborhoods. 
In addition to real estate, Kunal has a passion for technology, and has spent his career in working at or consulting/advising with technology companies. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, skiing, and reading.
My name:
I am:
A great networker, a basketball fan (go Warriors!), a loyal friend, and real estate ethusiast.
Born In:
Kenya, Africa.
Languages Spoken:
English, Hindi, Gujurati, Swahili .
Proudest Moment:
The day I was accepted to Business School at Dartmouth.
Biggest Challenge:
Accepting the things that I cannot control.
Alarm Clock:
Set for the same time every day (which really is a bummer on the weekends when I forget to turn it off).
Perfect Day:
Walking around San Francisco and hanging out with my wife, watching the Warriors or Jeopardy.
First Job:
Stacking books at a bookstore.
Super Hero Power:
Finding the best deal and an ideal home for clients (it's always the biggest challenge!)
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Dogpatch, Soma, Potrero Hill, Mission, Pac Heights….How can I possibly pick one?
Work hard, play harder, repeat.
Climb is:
THE people who will find you a home.

What do you love about San Francisco?

I have traveled and worked in many cities around the globe, but for me, San Francisco is the most beautiful, diverse and vibrant city and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Every neighborhood has its own personality and the people who live in this city are just as unique.

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