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According to a popular Confucian adage, if you “choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.” For Michelle Ye, that job is being your San Francisco real estate agent.

Michelle is currently an agent at Climb Real Estate – and has been awarded ‘Top Producer’ every year since 2013.  She also has consistently been ranked Top 2 of all agents in South Beach since 2014, and has set multiple sales records in multiple buildings, including BLU, ONE RINCON, and PORTSIDE. Prior to Climb, Michelle had worked with top agents and brokerages in the city and has direct mgmt experience at The Infinity, ensuring each resident’s needs were met.  Michelle is fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin, which has been invaluable in helping international buyers succeed in finding the right real estate in San Francisco.

In addition to Michelle’s incomparable experience, Michelle works hands-on with individual buyers and sellers, earning consistent praise for her warmth, market knowledge, and engaging approach. Her instincts and empathic nature enable Michelle to quickly determine the needs of her clients, ensuring that each transaction is as successful as it is enjoyable.  Her clients have called out her ‘eye for beauty’, ‘grace with clients’, ‘comprehensive management of all sales activities’, ‘utmost professionalism and focus on timing, price, quality’. 

Born and raised in rural China, Michelle attended University of California Davis and currently lives in the heart of South Beach. She has lived in many of the premier properties in the area and has sold and leased in many of the same complexes, giving her a comprehensive knowledge of the neighborhoods.

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Client Testimonials:

“I found Michelle on her company website as ‘Featured Agent’ when I was thinking about purchasing an investment property in the city. I couldn’t have been happier that I called the number at that time. Michelle helped me purchase my first condo in San Francisco. She’s incredibly knowledgable about the market and the SOMA area. As a first-time homebuyer I had little knowledge of what was needed to buy a condo, and was overwhelmed and distracted by all kinds of listings. Michelle helped me clearly position the type of condo we need to look at. From Day 1, things moved with very efficient manner. Michelle helped me identify the pros and cons of each listing and sorted out what made the most sense for me. Throughout the process, I had little to worry and was able to trust her professional opinion. 

“All in all, Michelle knew everything there was to know about the market and made it happen for me within weeks of beginning the process. She not only helped me find the right condo but went above and beyond all that. She continued to advise and help me on renting the unit out.

 “If you are looking for buying or selling properties in San Francisco, I highly recommend Michelle. She not only became my trusted advisor but also a long-term friend!”
– Coco S., South Beach Buyer

“My family and I first met Michelle through a friend at our son’s school. As a long-time real estate owner and investor in the Bay Area and California, I’ve known and have worked with several other brokers. But we decided to give Michelle a try because, although we met her through a friend, she stood out right away as a very sincere person. Her sincerity is matched by courtesy, humility, and professionalism. If she doesn’t have the knowledge on a particular part of the transaction–say a legal or accounting aspect–she has good referrals, or she just does her homework. 

“Michelle first helped us sell a unit in 2011, a condo in San Francisco that was our home and later a rental. We were extremely pleased with the price, as it set a high point at that time in the market. The unit also needed repair, refurbishing, cleaning, staging, and professional photography. Michelle coordinated everything for us. She even took the time to add her personal touches before any potential buyer first saw the unit.

“Then last year, in 2012, we let Michelle handle the sale of a small portfolio of condo units in San Francisco, many of which were in the Baycrest building at Main and Harrison in South Beach. This building is one of the first to rise in the South Beach neighborhood–it was built before the Muni, before the Stadium, before nearly all the other residential buildings have risen there–so our units there needed the same treatment as the 2011 sale. We started the portfolio sale while we were in San Francisco, but then we moved out of the country to pursue other investment opportunities. So we completed several sales while abroad, and Michelle handled everything so coolly and with such aplomb, and all with us physically absent, I consider her so much more than a broker, for she’s a trusted and tested friend.

“Michelle has access to a deep pool of buyers, both locally and cross-borders. As a seller knowledgeable of the market, I was nearly floored at the prices she secured for the Baycrest units last year. And even though a year has passed and other brokers have sold units there at Baycrest, not one has come even close to the prices Michelle secured for us. I think any seller would benefit from Michelle’s services. But if you’re a Baycrest owner especially, you owe it to yourself to give Michelle a try; indeed, you would be foolish not to.”
– Dario G., South Beach Seller

“Michelle had known for a while that I was thinking about purchasing an investment property in San Francisco. We looked at a few properties over the course of a few months that either she or I had identified–but I didn’t go after any of them. In retrospect, I was still feeling tentative to take the plunge ‘head first’ but she was very accommodating, even though she spent a lot of her time showing me properties.

“Since I was not living in the City, she was very patient in educating me on the local market and the trends as she saw them. Her counsel definitely helped me feel more comfortable with the idea of making an investment purchase in the City. I stopped thinking about purchasing an investment property for a while after that, but Michelle didn’t stop looking for a good investment for me. One day she called me, excited that she found a place that was being offered at quite a low level compared to the trending values of the area and comparable properties. She took me to see the property, and I was still mulling it over when it should have been a no-brainer. Again, she was very patient with me despite what must have been quite a bit of pressure from the seller’s agent. Eventually I decided to go for it and Michelle worked with me to draft the offer and subsequent counters until the terms were acceptable. The selling agent turned out to be very, very difficult (I’ll reserve my less subtle characterization of him for less distributed media) through the closing process, and Michelle remained professional and a strong advocate for me from start to finish.

“We eventually completed a very long and painful closing process, and within weeks it was apparent that the market trends that Michelle had forecast had proven true, and I made an amazing equity gain on my investment almost instantly. Even without that gain, the rental return alone made this an excellent investment, but Michelle helped me get both! Thanks Michelle!”
– Lionel Y., South Beach Buyer

“My wife and I received a marketing postcard from Michelle and decided to call on a whim.  We had worked with other real estate agents when trying to sell our SOMA condo but never gained confidence in any of them.  They were not responsive, taking several days to return calls (one disappeared after we gave her a key), were unfamiliar with the area, or only had an answer to ‘drop the price’. Michelle reviewed the comps in the area and came up with a listing price that was both a good value for the area, and a sale price that we were happy with. She then walked us through the steps of effectively marketing the property. This included upgrades, minor repairs, and staging. While we weren’t comfortable at first with her suggestions and the extra costs it would incur, she took the time to explain the importance of first impressions when selling a property. These efforts ultimately paid off as we received offers even before the condo was put on the market, and ended up selling for over asking. 

“Michelle has a huge Rolodex (does anyone know what those are anymore?). She was able to show our property to more qualified people than we could have imagined. We have dealt with a lot of people who just weren’t serious or couldn’t realistically afford to buy. It seemed like all of the potential buyers that came through were just that: actual potential buyers! I would highly recommend Michelle to represent in a sale or a purchase situation. We had better than expected results because of her quick response, knowledge of the product, and extensive network.”
– Greg Y., South Beach Seller

“My husband and I first met Michelle through a friend and she hooked us up with a great apartment in SF. Within that year, we started looking at homes to purchase in San Francisco as well as the East Bay. Michelle was incredibly knowledgeable about the market, with solid predictions as well as expert advice. She never pushed us into uncomfortable territory, and let’s face it, most of the housing market for buyers  in SF is uncomfortable right now! We ultimately settled in the East Bay. Given that this is not Michelle’s primary area for sales, she was incredibly flexible in taking time to show us homes and really took the time to learn what we needed to know about this different market. She was there for us every step of the way with moral support and knowledgeable answers.  Would definitely recommend her and plan to use her again if we ever move from our new house!”
– Stephanie Y., Orinda Buyer

“House hunting in SF can be insane so in addition to a great realtor, one needs a friend who is always there to give you advice, softens the blow when something doesn’t work out, has your best interests in mind and doesn’t push you to do something you are not comfortable with. Michelle can do all of these quite well. I met her at Baycrest where I was renting (she has sold quite a few units there). At that time I was working with another realtor who kept pushing me to make really high offers on places that were way over my budget. I am glad I kept bumping into her and after a few conversations, decided that she was the better choice. 

“As a selling agent she takes immense pride in her work and always gets the best price for her seller. All units that she sells are staged really well and she makes sure of that, even if that entails hiring contractors to change floors and paint, making sure that the staging company does a good job, bringing her own stuff to decorate, making repeated visits to make sure everything is on track, etc. She has helped raise comps in that building significantly.

“After a long search that started in June, I finally bought my first unit with her help. After everything was done she even helped me to move my stuff since I don’t have a car, and went shopping with me on the day our deal closed so that I could move in fast. I am definitely going to ask her to sell this unit when I want to move into something bigger, and highly recommend her to everyone.”
– Puneet S., South Beach Buyer

“I received a color postcard in the mail advertising Michelle’s sale of a 3 bedroom unit in Portside II earlier this year. My wife and I were considering selling our rental unit there when our tenants’ lease ended in September. We live in San Diego so we could only check potential agents’ reviews online and conduct brief phone interviews before making a decision. We decided to go with Michelle because she had lots of experience in the neighborhood, lots of energy, and she didn’t mind rolling up her sleeves to manage the project 100% since we don’t live close by. Other agents just want a quick buck and make that clear when they speak to you. Michelle took the keys from our tenants, coordinated their move-out process, and recommended/hired contractors to bring a dingy rental into tip-top sales condition over 2-3 weeks. The pricing she secured for flooring, paint, and other minor repairs were great. She then had the unit staged and we got multiple cash offers at the price per square foot Michelle told us to expect. During escrow, the buyer found additional items that needed repair. Michelle again coordinated the contractors, made certain everything was done properly, and secured the buyer’s approval to seal the deal. If you list a property in South Beach or Rincon Hill, you can feel confident Michelle will do an amazing job.  If you live in another country or city and need to sell a property in SF, you would be wise to ONLY use Michelle!”
– Dean L., South Beach Seller

My name:
Michelle Ye
I am:
An unconditional friend who loves kickboxing and is always ready for an adventure.
Born In:
Canton, China.
Languages Spoken:
English, Mandarin, Cantonese.
Proudest Moment:
Buying my first home.
Biggest Challenge:
Being a mom who instills values and a strong work ethic in my daughter.
Alarm Clock:
My daughter's laughter.
Perfect Day:
Closing on a great deal for client!
First Job:
Super Hero Power:
Reading minds.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
South Beach and Potrero Hill
My daughter, who reminds me what is really important and keeps everything in perspective.
Climb is:
a team of top-notch professionals who I am proud to call my colleagues!

What do you love about San Francisco real estate?

Real estate gives me the opportunity to build amazing relationships. I have attended numerous milestones in my client's lives--being able to celebrate their birthdays, weddings, job promotions, and life goals.

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