Nick Papageorgiou

Nick Papageorgiou

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Can buying or selling a home be a joy? Nick Papageorgiou certainly believes that’s the case. By harnessing his passion for matching his clients with the right homes and neighborhoods, and actively listening to and caring about their wants and needs, he’s built a reputation founded on valuable local insight, logistics savvy, and proactive service that is spot-on and sought-after.

Bay Area born and raised, Nick is acutely in tune with the varied and changing dynamics of neighborhoods around the Bay. This knowledge and experience is crucial in helping buyers locate the perfect locale to call home. Not just that, his meticulous attention to detail and logistics management are often cited as professional traits that help him stand out in a crowded and competitive landscape. His genuinely personable yet professional nature, a pleasant bonus.

Formerly a top performing leasing agent, property manager, and operations specialist, he’s received multiple awards for being a Top Performing Leasing Specialist, a Top Performing Customer Service Associate, and Sales Mentor. He is constantly driven by the childhood experience seeing homes and learning about neighborhoods with his family and an exceptional agent. Since then, he’s strongly believed that home buying, while complex, does not need to be daunting or joyless—quite the contrary, actually.

When he’s not touring clients around the Bay Area, he’s often traveling and exploring museums in search of art and design inspiration.

My name:
Nick Papageorgiou
I am:
Here for you!
Born In:
San Francisco, CA
Languages Spoken:
English... For now.
Proudest Moment:
My first open house.
Biggest Challenge:
Answering this question.
Alarm Clock:
6 AM
Perfect Day:
Being lazy at the beach with my family.
First Job:
Bagger at Lunardi's Market.
Super Hero Power:
Predicting the future.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Oh boy, that's a tough one... but I'll go with North Beach in SF.
My Mom!
Climb is:

What do you love about the Bay Area?

Everything, but I especially love the abundance of different cultures we all get to experience here.

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