Odai Ammar

Odai Ammar

Sales Associate



  DRE 02023494

  • Represents Buyers, Sellers, and Investors
  • San Francisco Residential Development Background
  • Fluent in Arabic

Agent Profile

Hi there! I’m Odai. Finding a new home for your family is a big decision. Everyone’s opinions are important. Your spouse’s. Your children’s. Even your parents (that happens more often than you would think!), and of course your budget. It’s a lot to consider.

It can also be frustrating, especially in San Francisco. You finally found your dream home, everybody is in love with it, and swoosh! Dozens of bids all wooing for the same place. It gets snatched up right in front of your eyes.

I want to be real with you: It’s not easy to buy a great home around here and get good deal, but that’s exactly what we’re going to do. I’ve done it for the best: tech entrepreneurs, young families just starting out, seniors looking to settle down in just the right place for them, and everybody in between. I played a substantial role in facilitating $15M of transactions for a real estate developer in the last 12 months (with an 80% offer-to-acceptance ratio), so I know a good deal when I see it, and I can get one done for you.

We will try to hit as many items on your wishlist as possible while staying in your budget, or come up with creative ways to work around it. In the end, it’s about making sure you get the home you love and have it be a strong financial investment for you.

I will find you the home of your dreams at a budget that works for you. And I will not stop trying until I do.

Likewise, if you want to sell your home, you want to focus on two things: find a good, dependable buyer, and maximize your value. Here’s how we are going to do that:

1. We will setup a website that looks amazing on iPhones, Androids, iPads, your computer, and everything in between. At its center will be a truly interactive 3D tour that is VR-compatible, far superior to the run-of-the-mill low quality stuff you see with old school realtors.

2. We’ll make your home come alive, evoking strong emotions in interested buyers and make them see, right in-front of their eyes, the wonderful memories they will be making in their new home.

3. We may run an aggressive paid Facebook and Instagram marketing campaign that directly reaches into the newsfeed of ALL the most likely buyers currently looking to buy a home like yours. Doing that is more affordable than you think, and produces very strong results.

4. We will utilize a series of tactics all designed in support of the right strategy for your home’s unique pluses, which we’ll carefully select after identifying your home’s best buyer profile. This will maximize your return, specifically: your value per sqft, the shortest days on market, and ultra-qualified buyers.

Client Testimonial:

“I can’t overstate how instrumental Odai was in finding and successfully closing on several of our development properties. He is literally on it 24/7. Phenomenally responsive, which is truly what you need to both buy and sell in San Francisco or the Bay Area. If you’re slow, you’re out. This and his eye for a good deal for buyers is one of the main reasons he is that good. I’ve worked with my fair share of so called ‘top agents,’ but they’re often old school and not far from results driven. I see Odai becoming one of SF’s most sought after agents in short order.”

My name:
“O-day” Ammar.
I am:
Grateful for the opportunity to serve!
Born In:
Paterson, NJ.
Languages Spoken:
English, Arabic, and conversational in rap ad-libs.
Proudest Moment:
Quitting cigarettes!
Biggest Challenge:
Telling my little sister no.
Alarm Clock:
Perfect Day:
All day every day!
First Job:
Top producing sandwich artist.
Super Hero Power:
These aren’t the droids you’re looking for...
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
My queen, my mother.
Climb is:
All that!

What do you love about the Bay Area?

The energy, the culture, and it's innovative spirit.

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