Sebastian Diessel

Sebastian Diessel

Sales Associate


  DRE 01970441

  • 12+ Year Real Estate Professional
  • Adaptive Reuse & New Construction Loft/Condo Market
  • District 9 Focus

Agent Profile

Born in Australia to German immigrant parents, I grew up in Newcastle, NSW (about 100 miles north of Sydney). An early global perspective instilled within me a wanderlust that has seen me live and work across Asia, Europe, and North America. Along the way, I educated myself in the history of economic thought, business administration, and human resource management before majoring in Economic Doctrines and Methods from the University of Newcastle.  

The lure of the first dot-com boom took me away from an academic path into the high-pressure world of tech recruiting. By 1999, a group of entrepreneurs and I converted an idea for a B2B play in the aerospace industry into Series A funding and headed to Boston, Massachusetts.

Our venture was not spared the market crash of 2000 but oh, boy, what an education! During that time, I discovered the start-up community occupying live/work lofts in Boston’s Leather District neighborhood. I immediately saw the appeal and efficacy of living, working, and playing in open plan converted warehouse spaces surrounded by downtown urban amenities. A new opportunity beckoned, and in 2001, I began my real estate career. Twelve years later, having been part of a team that sold, rented, and leased hundreds of lofts and loft-style condos, I felt the itch for a new challenge.

In the summer of 2012, I moved my partner and our daughter from Boston to make San Francisco home. The appeal was obvious—the San Francisco Bay Area is amazing! The move allowed me to fulfill a long-held ambition to “Go West.” It also allowed us to reunite with family and friends and to build a future together in a great part of the world. 

With a solid background in real estate, it wasn’t long before I began looking around to find a real estate company that exemplified my own vision of what a truly customer-centric business should be. I had heard about Climb before moving to SF (good work gets around), but it wasn’t until I started researching their performance, understanding their vision, and comparing that against the competition when I realized, well…there wasn’t any.

So, what can I offer Climb, and, most importantly, you?! 

  • I know my product. I have lived, breathed, sold, and rented live/work lofts and loft-style condos in newly developed buildings and adaptive-reuse warehouse conversions for over 12 years.
  • I built the very first online niche marketing website that profiled Boston’s dynamic loft market with detail and appeal, accelerating the sale of $800+ million worth of property.
  • I’ve consulted on design specifications, amenities, and pricing with property developers to close out the sales of eight residential loft conversion buildings—a property portfolio totaling 400 units.

That’s just for starters. I get that all real estate is local, and knowing each and every building within a neighborhood of a district makes my knowledge hyperlocal. To that end, I am honored to be partnered with Mark Choey—co-founder of Climb Real Estate Group and District 9’s #1 condo listing agent. District 9, and the eight neighborhoods bound within it, is home to the highest concentration of authentic lofts and loft-style condo developments within the city of San Francisco. 

I am super excited to be part of the Climb family and determined to make it my real estate home, so I can help you buy or sell yours. I look forward to working with you!

Client Testimonials:

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sebastian in multiple real estate deals over the last decade. We both lived and worked in an enclave of Boston known as the Leather District, full of century-old authentic lofts. He really knows real estate at the grass roots level, which is imperative when maneuvering through competitive and fast-paced big city real estate. His vast real estate knowledge and experience as both an agent, landlord, and investor sets him apart from ordinary agents. His easy-going style also serves him well, and he’s a guy you’d like to have a beer with after buying an expensive condo. Boston doesn’t lose often, but in this case it lost a great real estate agent to San Francisco.”
– Christian K.

“Sebastian did an amazing job in showing us different properties and knew the inside scoop on all of them, pointing out things I would never have thought of, every time. We settled on a loft, and that’s when having a great Realtor on your side really kicks in: during the negotiation phase. In a nutshell, we got the loft at the price we wanted to pay. I subsequently heard it was only $1,000 more than the closest bid, so somehow Sebastian ensured we did not overpay either! I would not be living here if it was not for Sebastian. My investment in the property has grown 15% a year since then; I am getting a good ROI because I selected a good Realtor from the start.”
– Gavin N. & Sacheen C.

“I met Sebastian when I was looking to purchase a condo in Boston. I had narrowed my search area to a small neighborhood, and when I finally found the condo I was interested in, Sebastian was the seller’s agent. He was a pleasure to work with, responsive, knowledgeable of the area, and generally a positive contributor to the closing of the deal. Overall I was happy with my new condo and the purchase experience. Fast forward a few years. I needed to move out of Boston because of work but was not ready to sell my condo. I needed some help to rent out and manage the property, and the first person I called was Sebastian. Even though I was no longer in the city, I felt very comfortable that my investment was in good hands under Sebastian’s care. I would highly recommend working with Sebastian for your real estate needs.”
– Woo K.

“Sebastian was a superhero for us. He was extremely flexible in getting our modern loft sold. We had a pretty unusual situation, and Sebastian handled it with aplomb. We were remote on the other side of the country and he was able to handle everything smoothly. He’s raised the bar for all Realtors in our minds.”
– Ben W. & Ana E.

My name:
Sebastian Diessel
I am:
Loyal, honest, collegial, and hardworking.
Proudest Moment:
Figuring out how to leverage Web 1.0 to sell real estate (back in 2001) and build that idea into an enduringly successful business.
Biggest Challenge:
Mastering the ever-elusive live/work/play balance.
Alarm Clock:
Pre-dawn dog scuffle with demands to be let outside.
Perfect Day:
Weekend movie night with my family after a bloody good day's work!
First Job:
Paper route around my local shopping district between the General Roberts Hotel and the Duke of Wellington pub.
Super Hero Power:
Grokking the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
Wherever there are lofts, that's my favorite neighborhood.
Be true, do good, and have fun.
Climb is:
A change agent for the future of real estate sales and marketing.

What inspires you about San Francisco real estate?

The dizzying pace of development juxtaposing new design with old construction and established neighborhoods creates a truly dynamic urban ecosystem. This city is alive!

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