Stephanie Pascal

Stephanie Pascal

Sales Associate


  DRE 01987037

  • 21-Year Bay Area Resident
  • Experience with Rehab, Investment, & Older Buildings
  • Loyal, Creative, & Knowledgeable

Agent Profile

Stephanie Pascal came to real estate with a head for numbers; a passion for architecture, older buildings, and loft conversions; and a strong knowledge of the local real estate markets where she lives, works, and plays. As a 23-year resident of San Francisco, Oakland, or at times both, she is uniquely positioned to help San Francisco buyers as well as those looking into the inner East Bay around Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville, and she is equally passionate about working with sellers. She loves placing the perfect finishing touches that transform a home to extraordinary for sellers, but she’s equally invigorated by getting buyers what they want. Most importantly, she takes all of her real estate relationships very seriously and thrives on win-win negotiation.

People who work with Stephanie find her warm and empathic; resourceful and intelligent; ethical and loyal; value oriented and “non-salesy”; curious and deeply listening. Above all, Stephanie’s creativity (out of the box) and attention to detail set her apart. Prior to real estate, Stephanie spent most of her life professionally writing, copy editing, and proofreading, so she brings her eagle eyes to both contracts and structures, topped off with a marketing background. Additionally, her professional training in feng shui (three-year BTB school), NLP (certified practitioner), and ICON negotiation round out her real estate toolkit.

Stephanie’s experience extends to rehab and investment property, and one of her proudest accomplishments is transforming a neglected duplex into a lovely place to live for her tenants.

After years of encouragement that she was a real estate natural (and winning numerous bets on what a home’s sales price would be) Stephanie finally pursued this career calling and immediately found success; every transaction has ended with happy clients. Are you next? It always starts with a conversation, so feel free to give her a call.

Outside of real estate, Stephanie is a passionate Argentine tango dancer, an avid gardener, and a sustainability advocate with particular interests in fair housing laws, social justice, and food justice. She’s also an animal lover who is owned by Kazoo the (rescue) eclectus parrot.

Client Testimonials:

“Stephanie is amazing! She is extremely passionate about real estate, and she is well versed about the many different Bay Area housing markets. I called her in as a consultant for a real estate transaction between myself and my former landlord to buy the house I was living in. The purchase had to be made very quickly because of the owner’s needs, and if I couldn’t act fast, it was going to fall through. It was my first home purchase and I was overwhelmed with mounds of confusing paperwork including an appraisal, a termite report, and a home inspection, all of which were written in unfamiliar language. Stephanie carefully read through all of it and translated it into understandable, practical terms. She advised me on which items were most important and which should affect the selling price. She gave me the guidance and support to follow through with the purchase and to negotiate a fairer price. She even guessed from my description of my experience living there that there may be some rot in the house, which did not show up in any of the reports. (I did have it, I fixed it, and I’m still happy I purchased it.) She has very sharp instincts and a warm, friendly demeanor, and I highly recommend her to anyone trying to buy or sell a home. If it’s your first time, you couldn’t be in better hands. I couldn’t have done my transaction without her.”
– Melissa M., San Leandro

“Stephanie and I live in different states, but she made a huge difference in my home buying process. My agent was not accessible. Stephanie took the time to listen to my needs and connect me with an agent in my city who made helping me find the right house her top priority. After six months of looking before talking to Stephanie, I closed on the first house Stephanie’s referral showed me. Although that agent was available, I leaned on Stephanie as my friend, and she helped explain and demystify certain aspects of the buying and escrow process when questions arose for me. She loved the property I chose, and she helped me with rehab ideas. She was my cheerleader when I was the most overwhelmed, and now I feel empowered and competent as a homeowner and landlord!”
– D. T., Portland, OR

My name:
Stephanie. Or Contessa. Never Steph.
I am:
Proudest Moment:
Purchasing my first duplex.
Biggest Challenge:
Winning at work-life balance.
Alarm Clock:
As an incorrigible night owl I simply let the phone wake me.
Perfect Day:
Probably begins with Sightglass coffee and ends with making clients happy and/or tango dancing.
First Job:
Picture framing.
Super Hero Power:
Remembering names and dates; proofreading and grammar.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
The ones I’ve called home: Noe Valley, Lower Haight/Duboce Triangle, the Mission.
Craftsmanship, art, design, nature.
Climb is:
On top (and another place I call home).

What do you love about San Francisco?

That anything goes.

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