Steve Mi

Steve Mi

Senior Sales Associate


  DRE 01795584

  • 2014 Top Producer
  • San Francisco Native
  • International/Luxury Clientele
  • Full-Service Representation
  • Holistic, Goals-Oriented Approach

Agent Profile

I am a San Francisco native with a true interest in making my clients as successful and happy as I possibly can in a process that can be filled with emotions.

 How do you help buyers to find the right properties for them?

As a relationships-based realtor, I take the time to learn about my clients before beginning any search. That way, clients can be assured that I give them the proper guidance when choosing the right home.

How do you make sure buyers get the best price for the property they are interested in?

I gather all the relevant information available to derive the most defendable offer possible.  

What do you do to help market the properties your clients are selling?

By offering a wide selection of marketing campaigns, I can tailor the most effective strategies for each home I market.

How do you ensure your sellers get the highest price?

Trust. Clients can trust that I will not let them “over-price” and shoot themselves in the foot. My colleagues trust in me that what I present is always of good value and sound pricing, so their clients can be confident of any offers they decide to put forth.  

What do you recommend sellers do to make sure their selling process is smooth?

Each seller is unique and that answer will depend on the circumstances at hand.

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Steve Mi   

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Steve Mi - Agent with CLIMB Real Estate

Client Testimonials:

Steve is a super agent! If you are in the market looking to buy a home, Steve is your guy! Not only is he extremely professional, he’s also excellent at taking you through all the steps in purchasing a home. Thanks to him, I bought my dream condo in SOMA. I highly recommend him.
– Tian J.

One can do no better than having Steve Mi as your real estate agent. My husband and I were looking for a two bed, 2 bath condo in San Francisco within a certain price range. We worked with one real estate agent prior to Steve, who convinced us to put an offer on a condo that was basically falling apart and was, in fact, very expensive. Luckily we were able to get out of the contract for the run-down condo (the owner refused to take on any needed improvements, which in turn allowed us to cancel the contract.) We then started working with Steve. Steve was able to understand exactly what we wanted in a condo and with his excellent negotiation skills, Steve helped us to obtain the perfect property within our budget .
– Iris B.

I like Steve.  He hustles and is always out there looking at real estate.  My gf recently bid on a unit with another agent (friend of hers) and I was asking Steve all sorts of questions (we live in the same complex).  Even though Steve knew he wouldn’t make a dime, he gave me as much info and some about his thoughts on the unit my gf bid on.  When I buy in SF, I have already decided that Steve will be the guy to help me navigate.
– Johnny C.

Steve Mi’s market knowledge exceeds that of his peers because 1.)  he studies and analyzes the market daily; and 2.) he has been an active real estate investor himself in the San Francisco market for many years.  Steve’s work speaks for itself…he hustled to get our home sold last year in an extremely tough market…multiple open houses, many agent walk-throughs, special appointments and, get this, an evening wine party for neighbors to view.  Steve actively kept our home in front of the best viewers while continuously explaining strategy and and process to my wife and I.  This point is important because Steve developed a sophisticated strategy for preparing the home for sale and then aggressively executed it – he went the extra mile in arranging for contractors and staging consultants, even picking out paint, tile and counter-tops for the cosmetic renovations.  Superior knowledge,  intense work ethic and seamless execution are the qualities you will find in Steve.  We consider ourselves lucky that Steve was willing to list our last property and he is now helping us find a new home in San Francisco.  Thank you, Steve!
– Ivan R.

Steve was at an Open House we visited and he kept in touch with us. We had almost given up finding a place to buy when Steve contacted us and showed us a condo we loved. We are now the happy owners of that brand new condo in SF. Steve remembered what we wanted and found it for us. He was always positive and professional. He communicated thoroughly along the path to closing escrow. We highly recommend Steve’s services. Thanks again Steve!
– Terry & Pam

I must sincerely say that Steve is truly as good as it gets. Having experienced other agents in my quest to purchase my first home it was amazing to ultimately meet Steve and have his assistance in this endeavor. Why is he such a top notch professional in his field? Steve is very honest and realistic in his assessment of the buyers situation in relation to the potential properties for purchase. Steve maintains a current knowledge of the ins and outs of the bay area real estate market and makes it a priority to ensure that his clients get that information as well. He operates from an ethical perspective that makes his clients best interests a priority. Steve works very hard; in my case from the day we first met to the time I signed the final document for my home Steve was with me every step of the way, even nights and weekends when necessary. Steve went beyond his obligations to help me understand and navigate the often complex and at times emotional process of buying a home. If you are considering the purchase of property in the bay area, then you will be well served to contact Steve, he is truly an incredible professional.
– Mauricio M.

We just recently bought a house using Steve as our agent. He’s very passionate, a great listener and found the right spot for us. We recommend Steve as a very professional agent. – Gisela B.

Steve Mi helped me buy my first home. He gave me a lot of good advice and he was very patient until we found the perfect place for me. I never felt pushed or talked into something by Steve. Also, he was always on time for appointments and he is very respectful of your time. What was good about Steve, is that he is able to zero into what you really want and then he does not show you things you are not interested in. He doesn’t waste your time that way, but he also shows you things you might not have considered and that is how I found my perfect place. That shows great sensitivity on his part.
– Sybille S.

My name:
Steve Mi
I am:
Awake and excited.
Proudest Moment:
My latest client review on Yelp.
Biggest Challenge:
To live up to my peers.
Alarm Clock:
The NYSE opening bell.
Perfect Day:
Is filled with love and joy.
First Job:
Pizza boy.
Super Hero Power:
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
All of them!
Beauty and Buddha.
Climb is:
Your best bet in San Francisco.

What do you love about San Francisco?

I love how our city is always setting new trends towards a sustainable and healthy planet, which benefits not only the Bay Area but the world over.

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