Tiffany Combs

Tiffany Combs

Managing Broker
Top Producer


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Agent Profile

Tiffany Combs is co-founder and partner of Climb Real Estate. As the Managing Broker, she has vast broker experience to help sellers and buyers navigate all transactions.  She is a Top Producer with Climb, and has built her reputation on superior customer service and impressive sales records. Tiffany has closed hundreds of transactions in the past decade and managed sales teams closing in excess of $600,000,000 a year.  Tiffany has a genuine passion for real estate, understands the need for distinctive representation, and works endlessly to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Tiffany has served as a Director for the California Association of Realtors. She is very involved with the local San Francisco Association of Realtors and served on the Board of Directors, Budget and Finance Committee, Education Committee and was formerly a member of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Associates. She has been a Top Producer with every Brokerage she has worked for, including Vanguard Properties Top 21 Club, Pacific Marketing Associates and Climb Real Estate. Tiffany has been interviewed as an authority on the real estate market for both radio and news stations and was recently a speaker at the CAR Long Beach Conference and at the prestigious global Inman Conference. She has been asked to speak at NAR and events in Asia for Top Producers.

Growing up with a father who owned and operated a construction business, Tiffany has understood the importance of quality construction from a young age. She has an extensive sphere of professionals for any job referral, and knows how to highlight the special features of your home.

She also has a keen eye for design; she studied formally at Rhode Island School of Design and through interior architecture courses at UC Berkeley. Tiffany’s degree from Purdue University and ongoing financial courses are put to good use in marketing and with investment purchases for her clients. Her unique combination of education and experience provides her with expert knowledge which she works to share with each client.

In Tiffany’s free time you will find her exploring with a camera, on a bike or in the kitchen. She currently resides in her Cole Valley Edwardian-meets-Modern home and manages her rental properties in neighborhoods such as South Beach. She is defined by the friends, family and acquaintances she has appreciated and the time she has spent living in other countries. It has given Tiffany an affinity for people, diversity, and cultures, as well as a wide ranging palate for food.

Tiffany is a big advocate of the community and giving back.  She spent years working with Americorps, Alaska Center for the Environment, Habitat for Humanity and doing eco-tourism in Brazil.  Tiffany co-chairs Climb’s volunteer committee and organizes Climb volunteer days with the San Francisco Food Bank and Glide.

Client Testimonials:

“Tiffany handles all of my real estate transactions, from selling a home, to purchasing a primary, to investing in portfolio properties. I worked with a lot of real estate agents before meeting Tiffany. She is not only an expert at navigating the negotiations and limiting liability in transactions, but she is an expert at making you feel confident, educated, and successful. She has told me when to walk away from an investment and has helped me sell a beautiful Buena Vista home when I was going through a separation. Her real estate connections and knowledge are unmatched in this industry. She is the kind of agent that gives real estate agents a good reputation. I couldn’t be more impressed with her as a person and as a professional. Choose to work with Tiffany and you will not be disappointed!”
– Mary A., Seasoned Investor, Seller and Buyer

“There are so many wonderful things I can say about Tiffany. First and foremost, I can say that I had the best buying experience because of her, Monica, and Climb Real Estate. I met Climb by attending an open house of a property in which I was interested–I wasn’t necessarily looking to work with an agent. The followup was what made it happen–I was even a bit skeptical to spend a Saturday looking at properties that Tiffany recommended. It turned out to be the best turn of events for me because I met the real estate agent and firm that I will work with from here on out. It was only a short time later that I became very interested in a property that Tiffany had sent. I can honestly say that I learned so much from this process and from Tiffany’s ability to explain everything, share her own experiences, and provide just the right amount of guidance and input. The moments that I was freaking a bit about the purchase, she and Monica always were able to provide a helpful perspective on things.

“Tiffany is so extremely knowledgeable about San Francisco real estate and all of the elements that are part of the process and home ownership. Her followup, attention to detail and relationship building skills are extraordinary. In these times, and with all of the changes in the mortgage, it’s often hard to find this level of service and the ability to build trust so quickly.

“I am lucky enough that I now have Tiffany as a neighbor–bonus! Choose Climb as your real estate partner–I can promise you’ll be over the moon! If there were more stars on this rating scale, she would have them!”
– Lisa R., Seasoned Buyer

“Tiffany made what seemed impossible a reality!  We used Tiffany as our agent when buying a new home. She went above and beyond and fought for us every step of the way. I’ve never met a more thorough person, and she made sure we never missed a step. I will be referring her to anyone looking for an agent, and I will definitely be calling her up when we’re ready for our next move. Thank you Tiffany! You rock!”
– Christena T.

“I am not generally a trusting person, and I almost immediately felt at ease and completely lucky to be in Tiffany’s care.  We had a rough process (it was our first time buying a home, with sub par conditions on our end) and without Tiffany our little dreams would never have turned into big dreams nor would they have ever been realized. I am fully confident that we not only got the best deal in the best place to match all of our needs and hopes, but also that it could not have been done without Tiffany (literally would not have happened without her!). She has the perfect balance of knowledge/ expertise, personal experience/genuine concern for her clients, and professionalism and lightheartedness. I’m not positive of this (you’d have to ask her), but I get the sense that Tiffany can probably be as tough as nails when advocating for someone and getting results, but can still walk out with everyone loving her.  

“Bottom line, in the end, we wound up in a beautiful condo, learned SO much just by watching Tiffany go to work, and have not stopped trying to get any friends to contact her when they’ve even mentioned real estate. I can’t imagine going to someone else (or allowing my friends to do so) when I know Tiffany is out there. The saddest part of the whole process was when we realized that when it was all done with, we wouldn’t get to see Tiffany as much. It’s bittersweet!”
– Tyler B., First-Time Buyer

“Tiffany was an angel sent from above to help me when I was purchasing my home. She is extremely knowledgeable. Very attentive, always on your side, and a heck of a negotiator. She is very professional and always follows up. My second experience with her was renting out my condo. Which I got top dollar for and a very good tenant because of her due diligence. She has always been available and ready to answer any questions when needed. I will highly recommend Tiffany for your real estate needs. I look forward to working with her again!”
– B.S.

“What can I honestly say about Tiffany?  She is one of the hardest working realtors I know…and she got us our first home! What started as a simple idea became a reality all because we had the best realtor working for us and with us. Tiffany has a spirit and determination that only comes from extreme experience and confidence. She immediately won my and my boyfriend’s trust when we began our search for our first home. It was a tough journey; we were completely naive and new to the process, but she was constantly educating us along the way, all the while making sure that every step we took was something we wanted to do. There was never any pressure to buy or to close a sale. She truly listens to what her clients want and does everything within her experience to accomplish it. We could not have asked for a better realtor and a great experience buying our first home. Not only did we get an incredible first home, we gained a great friend.”
– William A., First-Time Buyer

“Meeting Tiffany was truly one of the best things that could have happened to my fiance and me. I was given her name by a work colleague and what started as some casual home hunting turned in to us buying our dream home. Tiffany was a perfect fit for us and I knew after our first meeting that we were in good hands. She reviewed our ‘must haves’ and gently reminded us of this list throughout our house hunting process. She is smart, savvy, and not at all pushy. She is also extremely well connected which made the bidding and purchasing process surprisingly painless. When you connect with Tiffany you are also connecting with her network of lenders, contractors, and etc., all of whom are competent, professional and on the ball. I still have to pinch myself every time I walk in to our new home, as it is hard to believe that we were able to buy a home that we love so much. I truly credit Tiffany for this. What felt like luck to us was really her hard work and competence. She is a great negotiator and will walk you through the home buying process in a way that makes it feel less scary and more understandable. I highly recommend that you work with Tiffany if you want your house buying process to be as enjoyable as possible. Tiffany is not only a great realtor but she is also a wonderful person. It was so nice to work with someone whose company I really enjoyed!”
– Tanya W., Seasoned Buyer Purchasing Single-Family Home

“If there was an Olympic event for best realtor, the gold medal should go to Tiffany Combs! I recently sold my Victorian condo on Divisadero Street and I am delighted that I selected Tiffany to be my agent. Not only did Tiffany strategically position my house and get max dollars, she was consistently professional and communicative throughout the whole process. Since I was on vacation in Africa when we were negotiating the deal and ultimately accepted an offer, I had complete peace of mind to know that Tiffany was expertly handling everything during my trip. Tiffany has an acute understanding of the business and goes the extra mile to ensure that all moving parts run smoothly and that a routinely stressful life situation is handled with finesse and confidence. Anyone looking for a top qualty realtor should end their search and give Tiffany a call.”
– Kathryn B.

“Tiffany is a GEM!  No other way to say it. Anyone would be fortunate to work with her! We had the good fortune to utilize Tiffany’s expertise and enjoy her good company when were purchasing an investment property in SOMA using a 1031 exchange. Aside from being a delight, Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable about the San Francisco real estate market. She was a joy to interact with; I looked forward to our afternoons visiting properties with her and gaining her perspective on the unit, the building, the neighborhood, the pluses and the minuses. When we finally identified the property we wanted, she revealed her tenacious negotiating talents. Any number of times, we were ready to settle and Tiffany would quietly say, ‘Let’s see if we can bring this price down just a little more.’ Until this experience I considered the real estate ‘process’ as a burdensome obligation. Tiffany’s efficiency, knowledge, bright personality and incredible skills made this transaction actually fun. There’s no one else I would use in SF for my real estate needs and I recommend her without reservation!”
– M.R.O.

My name:
Tiffany Combs
I am:
Climb's Managing Broker. Dedicated Agent. Loyal Friend. Adventurer.
Biggest Challenge:
Equals Greatest Opportunity.
First Job:
Children's book illustrator.
Super Hero Power:
Able to leap tall buildings.
SATISIFED SMILES! New friends and new neighborhood finds.
Climb is:
Helping you reach new heights. Go Climbers!

What do you love about San Francisco real estate?

Real estate gives me the opportunity to build amazing relationships. I have attended numerous milestones in my client's lives--being able to celebrate their birthdays, weddings, job promotions, and life goals.

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