Xiao Jiang

Xiao Jiang

Senior Broker Associate



  DRE 02061197

  • Experienced Broker & Investor
  • Bay Area and Chicago Resident
  • Mandarin Speaker

Agent Profile

Xiao’s name is pronounced “Shout” without the “T.” But you can also call her Poppy, as in the California poppy flower. As you can see from her photos, she leads a very active lifestyle and loves to travel. One fun fact is that she doesn’t watch TV at all!

Xiao has been working in real estate for two years, starting after she received her Masters of Science in Finance degree from DePaul University in Chicago. She says it has been super crazy and fun; she loves every aspect of closing a real estate transaction. Managing crises and solving clients’ problems are her forte. When she works, she is in beast mode; everyone around her feels her passion and happiness. She enjoys building relationships with her clients and being entrusted with helping them find their homes or investment properties. Xiao has sold farms, multifamily buildings, and condos as well as single-family homes. She has also brokered one of the largest cross-border commercial real estate transactions and was recognized as top office producer by units; top office producer; and mortgage units and given the president’s club award by her brokerage in Chicago in 2017.

Trust us: you are in good hands with Xiao.

Client Testimonials:

“저는 Xiao 씨를 6년전 business partner 를 통해 만나, 여러번의 business transaction 이 있엇읍니다. 매번의 transaction 마다 무엇이 진정한 비즈니스 인지를 저와 저의 파트너 들에게 매번 가르쳐 주고 있습니다. 진정한 business 의 professional 을 Xiao 를 통해만나 보십시오. “
– Don Kim, real estate developer

“I would recommend Xiao to anyone who needs a unit. Xiao is reliable and trustable. She could be a great friend. Xiao is a great agent for sure. She is remarkably efficient. She helped me find a great two-bedroom apartment with a parking lot near my school within just one day. Thanks to her for helping me get a cool apartment.”
– Ray Hu, Depaul student

“Xiao est très professionnelle et intelligente, elle m’a aidé beaucoup. Xiao helped me so much and she is very professional, dedicated and smart.”
– Ania, Senior Executive at Flalio

“We worked with Xiao for an office space we were renting, she was the broker for the renter. She was very professional, and even after the deal was finished, she has been acting as an intermediary between us and her client.”
– Matt Goyette

“Tuve la oportunidad de colaborar con Xiao en varios proyectos y siempre mostró un desempeño total en su trabajo y atención al cliente.”
– Pablo D., co-worker

“Xiao is a great agent. Super trustable and patient.”
– Vanessa W.

“Xiao is very helpful and vey knowledgeable. She is very patient on coaching customers getting their dream houses. Also she is also very enthusiastic about sharing her successful experience to her peers, as well as those young college graduate students who is thinking about entering realtor world. I would totally reccomend Xiao as your agent or as part of your team.”
– Lydia Zhou, Key mortgage

“Xiao is a great agent. I give her a lot of credit for helping me find such a great apartment.”
– Jeff Li

“Good agent. Reliable, patient, and warm-hearted!”
– Zhujun Wang, Depaul

“Xiao is a very good agent, because she gave me many useful suggestions. From the beginning to help me choose the house, and later, communicate with the house-owner, our communication was very smooth. The information is always full and timely.”
– Ye Tian, buyer of 123 S. Green Street

“Xiao เป็นโบรกเกอร์ที่ดี อดทน ให้คำแนะนำอย่างจริงใจ เป็นกันเองและเป็นเพื่อนที่ดี เมื่อฤดูร้อนปีที่ผ่านมา Xiao ช่วยหาอพาร์ทเมนต์สำหรับนักเรียนที่ไม่ค่อยรู้จักพื้นที่ในชิคาโกมากนักอย่างฉัน และดูจะเข้าใจความต้องการของผู้เช่าที่เป็นนักศึกษาเป็นอย่างดีเพราะเคยเรียนในชิคาโก Xiao ช่วยให้คำแนะนำเพื่อประกอบการตัดสินใจที่ยากเพราะฉันไม่เคยเช่าอพาร์ทเมนต์ในชิคาโกมาก่อน และเป็นช่วง high season ของการหาที่อยู่สำหรับนักศึกษา Xiao แนะนำอพาร์ทเมนต์ในหลายพื้นที่และมีความอดทนต่อข้อจำกัดในการหาที่อยู่ของเรา เนื่องจากมีรูมเมทบางคนยังไม่มาถึงชิคาโก และมีความต่างของเวลาในการติดต่อสื่อสารกัน รวมทั้งเรื่องเอกสารต่างๆ ในการสมัคร ฉันได้ความรู้เรื่องการหาที่อยู่เพิ่มมากขึ้นจากการแนะนำของ Xiao และจะแนะนำ Xiao แก่คนที่กำลังมองหาที่อยู่ใหม่เช่นกัน”
– Bow

“Best of the best!!!!!!!!!!”
– Jennessa Ortiz, business owner

“Xiao एक महान दोस्त है और बहुत विश्वसनीय है, वह मुझे मेरी जरूरतों के हिसाब से Chicago शहर में एक घर खोजने में मदद की। मैं पूरी प्रक्रिया के बारे में सूचित हूँ और उसकी मदद से अभिभूत महसूस नहीं करतi। मैं उसकी सिफ़ारिश किसी से भी करूंगा।”
– Rohit

“Xiao is incredibly efficient, productive, and fun, too! She has helped me find a great one bedroom apartment in Lincoln Park area within two hours. I fell in love with the apartment she picked. She has great taste and instincts and has a very good personality. Also, I feel like she is very experienced with the real estate market, finance, and negotiations. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who need help renting, selling or buying properties in Chicago. She is just charismatic. Thanks so much, Xiao.”
– Kunal Seth, Pivotal Labs

“Xiao is a great business broker besides a real estate broker, very considerate and dedicated.”
– Junna G., owner of Tiger Transit

“Thanks for helping us to find the perfect home. Great agent! Very nice person and very patient.”
– Yukun

– Wen

“She is very patient, cooperative, knowledgeable, efficient, and hardworking. Always by my side and gave me good advice. She has been helping me a very long time with 100% patience and enthusiasm. Without her help, I don’t think I would get my ideal home.”
– Wenqin Zhang

“Professional, responsive, diligent, and sweet!”
– Sissi

“She is the realtor to go! She is very responsive, resourceful, and professional. She helped me find my dream apartment in a short period of time. Even until today, if I have any questions about the property, she is still helpful.”
– Sissi Y.

“Xiao helped me buy a luxury condo. It is beautiful, and she has been extremely patient with me and has been very responsive and diligent in dealing with my transaction. Everything ran smoothly. She is very smart and fast and is very hard working, I would recommend her to anyone who want to invest in properties in the US.”
– Ruoyu W.

“Xiao Jiang was my agent and helped me finding my current condo and guided me through all the purchasing processes. She is professional, patient, and responsive. We visited more than 20 sites together until I found an ideal one. She is knowledgeable of the transaction procedures, which would otherwise taken me a lot of time to figure out.”
– Si D.

“She is a fantastic agent! I was looking for half a year and she was very helpful on every step of the way. Xiao was honest, direct, and very patient, which I appreciate as a first-time buyer. I am very happy about the experience and I would strongly recommend her!”
– Wen Z.

My name:
Xiao Jiang
I am:
A Senior Broker Associate.
Born In:
Chengdu, China.
Languages Spoken:
Mandarin, English.
Proudest Moment:
I don't know.
Biggest Challenge:
Haven't figured out how to time travel yet.
Alarm Clock:
Around 7:30am or so.
Perfect Day:
Sailing in St. Barts.
First Job:
Student fundraiser.
Super Hero Power:
Eating a lot without gaining weight.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
St. Francis Wood.
My mommy.
Climb is:
Climbing to the top.

What do you love about the Bay Area?

The people and beautiful scenery.

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