Hector Orozco

Hector Orozco

Senior Sales Associate



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Hector Orozco bought his first home at the age of 22. Since that time, he has bought and sold properties resulting in his own portfolio of investment properties. It is his love of real estate – and belief that residential real estate can provide lasting wealth – that allows him to provide key insight and expertise to real estate buyers, sellers, and investors.

Bay Area native Hector Orozco is your real estate agent for buying and selling in the greater San Francisco area. From first-time home buyers to seasoned real estate investors, from residential sellers to multi-family developers, he is adept at quickly building relationships based on genuine trust and mutual respect while bringing incredible passion and energy to his work. He views his interactions with his clientele as more than transactions revolving around a property; he devotes time into cultivating and maintaining relationships with individuals to truly offer a higher level of service, offering a thoughtfully considered approach to achieving each specific goal.

Prior to pursuing a career in real estate, Hector worked for 4 years as a loan officer. Born in San Francisco and raised on the Peninsula, Hector graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Economics. He is passionate about the progression of his community and you can find him sampling the finest coffee in San Francisco in between runs and boxing classes.

My name:
Hector Orozco
I am:
Positive, athletic, dedicated, and adventurous
Born In:
San Francisco.
Languages Spoken:
English and Spanish.
Proudest Moment:
Buying my first investment property
Biggest Challenge:
Putting deals together during the Great Recession
Alarm Clock:
Biological alarm 6AM every day
Perfect Day:
Half Day
First Job:
Denny's Diner as a dishwasher. I was let go the first day for being underage: I was 15 and I had to be 16 (it was the manager's fault). But they gave me a free meal and paid me for the day!
Super Hero Power:
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
My parents for instilling a hard and honest work ethic in me
Climb is:
A breath of fresh air

What do you love about San Francisco real estate?

San Francisco real estate has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I love the people that I have gotten to meet because of my job.

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