Lorine Haynes

Lorine Haynes

Senior Sales Associate



  DRE 01905679

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Lorine discovered early in life that she had a passion for serving the community and real estate. She chose a career in law enforcement with a commitment to serving her community. After her successful law enforcement career she retired and began her life passion of being a realtor. Lorine has a deep interest in real estate and has personally bought and sold real estate over the past 30 years. It is that passion she extends to her clients whether they are first-time home buyers, experienced buyers, sellers, or investors.

Some say going through the real estate process is one of the most stressful experiences in life, and Lorine is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. As a patrol officer, SWAT team hostage negotiator, homicide investigator, and witness protection/relocation coordinator, Lorine is no stranger to stress. She brings with her a very robust toolset that she developed over 30 years which she utilizes in representing buyers and sellers. Lorine is your strongest advocate when choosing to make any real estate decision.  

One key element to any real estate transaction is communication. Without continued communication with all parties involved in the transaction, deals can fall through. Lorine is committed to clear communication with all parties to ensure your real estate process is completed in a pleasant and timely manner. You can count on her to make things happen quickly. Lorine knows that it takes teamwork to achieve what seems to be the insurmountable. As a realtor with Climb Real Estate Group, not only is Lorine abreast of current real estate market conditions and real estate requirements, she is able to tap into Climb’s real estate pool of resources such as off-market listings and niche expertise agents in property management. This combines with her knowledge of the San Francisco market and the use of the newest technology in order to provide you not only with the support you need, but the best resources in the real estate market. Lorine’s negotiating skills and expertise in investment properties gives her clients the edge when selling or purchasing property. She has personally purchased many investment properties and has experience representing sellers and buyers of short sales and condominiums under litigation and purchasing foreclosures. Lorine has the tools to give her clients the best resources to realize all their real estate goals with confidence.

As a resident of San Francisco, Lorine feels blessed to have the opportunity to serve her community in fulfilling their dreams of having a home they deserve and building their real estate portfolio. Lorine’s commitment to you is representing you with the most advanced resources in the San Francisco market and exceeding your expectations.

On Lorine’s off time she enjoys the arts: theater, music, and dance. She loves traveling and experiencing different cultures. As a hobby, Lorine will jump at the challenge of remodeling a house or condo. 

My name:
Lorine Haynes, or you may call me Reen.
I am:
A loyal friend, dependable and trustworthy.
Proudest Moment:
Helping victims stand up and triumph over life-stopping wrongs that have been done to them.
Biggest Challenge:
Nothing; I view every day as a new opportunity to grow.
Alarm Clock:
My dog Ginger, happy and ready to play.
Perfect Day:
Enjoying a beautiful day in my favorite city, San Francisco, with my friends and family, and meeting a new friend.
First Job:
Motel maid.
Super Hero Power:
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
South Beach and Mission Bay.
Friends and family.
Climb is:
The cutting edge in the real estate market.

What do you love about San Francisco real estate?

San Francisco real estate has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I love the people that I have gotten to meet because of my job.

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