Todd Montgomery

Todd Montgomery

Senior Sales Associate


  CalBRE 01875716

  • Climb's #1 Agent 2013-2015, Top Producer Since 2009
  • Ranked Top 1% of SF Agents in Condo & Loft Sales
  • Bay Area Native

Agent Profile


When you work with Todd Montgomery, you are working with one of the best real estate agents in San Francisco. Consistently ranked in the top 1% in sales, Todd is a top producing San Francisco agent who brings a consultative and data-driven approach to the home buying and selling process. With a background in strategic sales and marketing in the technology and multimedia sector, Todd offers a refreshingly objective approach to real estate, letting data and client objectives drive the decision-making process. 

A California native and San Francisco resident for over 22 years, Todd began his career in real estate to provide unbiased guidance and support to urban professionals looking to buy and sell homes throughout San Francisco. Todd offers dedicated and highly responsive support to home buyers throughout the purchasing process, beginning with an appraisal of objectives and challenges, a thorough education on financial options and the current market, and a highly focused search for your ideal home. Sellers cite his candidness, responsiveness, and ability to quickly organize all aspects of a listing. Todd’s marketing expertise, sales strategy, and salesmanship result in maximizing sale prices and return on investment for sellers, consistently providing an array of record sales prices, highest cost per foot, and shortest days on market. 

For Todd, each new client is an opportunity for a lifelong relationship, and by consistently generating proven results, he has become one of San Francisco’s most successful agents. 

Client Testimonials:

The Best Realtor in San Francisco!

“The best realtor in San Francisco! In the past 2 years Todd has facilitated the purchase of our first condo and then most recently our second one as we needed a bigger place. I really believe he is the best realtor in town–he is very professional and always buttoned up, responsive, and is a well networked real estate expert in the San Francisco market. Both my partner, Taeho and I, highly recommend him. Especially if you are looking for newer condo developments in the city, Todd has a really good pulse of what’s going on as evidenced by his blogs. He has an extensive network of agents, buyers, developers and stagers that has proven to be extremely helpful in the current competitive buyer environment. 

“On top of that Todd has always been very good at walking us through the entire process of buying and selling property. As anyone knows, this can be an especially stressful and lengthy process, so it’s always good to know that he will respond quickly to any questions as well as proactively guiding you the process, laying out the scenarios and potential outcomes. This helped us when we had to sell our unit as well as understanding how to bid on a competitive property. 

In the end, we ended up in a place that we are really happy to call our home in a location that we want to establish our roots in. To Todd–thank you!”

– Dave K.

Amazing Results

“As president of my condo building’s owners association, I had watched closely as various realtors in the city had represented properties in our building over many years. None were as sharp and as effective as Todd Montgomery. On many occasions he proved just how incredibly attentive he was to not only the needs of his clients, but also the sensitivities and concerns of the neighbors (and the HOA) during the sales process. He established a great reputation for effectively marketing the properties that he sold in our building, and managed to shepherd through several deals even during a period when our building was in litigation with the builder over some roof repairs.

“He also represented a few buyers coming into the building and he seemed every bit as committed to ensuring a smooth entry into our tightly-knit community for these new members of our building ‘family.’

“So when my ex-husband and I were ready to put our condo on the market, we knew exactly who we wanted to call. He was prompt, respectful of our time, and made a clear and informative presentation that was rich with details of nearby comps. He exhibited an intimate knowledge of everything that was, had been, or was going to be on the market for 10 blocks in every direction, including all their pros and cons. He also had a detailed marketing plan and roadmap that helped us calibrate our expectations, including a time frame for all the pre-sale preparations (cleaning, staging, photos, etc.), costs (commissions, fees, other expenses), and more.

“He was very honest in his assessments of the pluses and minuses of our condo, things that we should consider (repairs, painting, staging), and was armed with a range of approaches and solutions, always with an eye towards helping us understand why he was recommending a particular approach and how each element would address potential objections or concerns of prospective buyers. He presented us a couple of approaches to staging and helped walk us through the difficult decision to go with a higher-end (and costlier) staging approach, including showing us a lot of before/after images and demonstrating how they correlated to the kind of sale price we were looking to achieve.

“Once we engaged him, he became a whirlwind of activity with a constant flow of information from himself and dedicated members of his team coordinating everything. The process of assembling paperwork and disclosures was a breeze thanks to his escrow expert, and his amazing assistant organized every detail of the move-out, the move-in of the staging, minor repairs, deep cleaning, etc. Either Todd or his assistant, and sometimes both of them, were on site every time something was being done, ensuring a) that we didn’t have to lift a finger, and b) that everything was being done to the highest standards and Todd’s exacting specifications.

“In the end, the condo looked amazing, his marketing brought in SEVERAL DOZEN groups on the first open house weekend, and even at a time when the market was getting a little soft, he managed to whip agents and prospective buyers into a frenzy. He quickly identified qualified buyers and their agents, cultivated connections with them to learn what they were looking for, and tailored an approach that guaranteed we’d have multiple offers by our deadline.

“In just barely over one month from the day we engaged him, we were looking at four ‘clean,’ highly competitive and very well-qualified offers. We took the one that was more than 15% over asking price.

“Todd made this process as effortless as possible, and his recommendations proved to be spot-on in every way. He is a consummate professional in everything he does. He crafts a plan and doesn’t force it on you, but rather brings you into it, factors in your concerns, gently guides you through his recommendations, and has built a team that executes his plans efficiently and with great consideration for your time and feelings. He was highly communicative and incredibly flexible. Most importantly he exuded the measured, restrained competence and confidence of an expert at the top of his field, and then proceeded to deliver on everything he promised.

“There are any number of great realtors in this city. There are only a few that are exceptional. And even fewer that inspire such calm confidence throughout what can be one of the most scary, trying and stressful times of your life–and then deliver on a winning sales strategy that ends up exceeding your expectations. That’s Todd.”

– Ray E.

Todd is Fantastic

“Todd is absolutely fantastic. After working with another real estate agent and being told, ‘you will never buy a home,’ and with the crazy market, I was quite unsure if I ever would. I was putting in a lot of time and getting nowhere.

“I started working with Todd 4-5 months ago. I was immediately pleased with his professionalism and precision. He knew the market very well, had some great stories and great advice. Todd spent a good amount of time understanding my needs and crafting a strategy. He showed me some amazing places and gave great advice on the offers I made. We came very close a couple of times. 

“As we worked together, I realized he was quite well known–other agents knew him and respected him. 

“He eventually found me two fantastic units and then gave me some excellent tips on the offer to make. With his great advice, I was able to put together an offer that got me the place I truly wanted. Todd had excellent advice on comps, on pricing the offer (to perfection) and clearly knows the market extremely well. 

“Todd works super hard–I recall a day he was sick and we had to discuss the terms. He called me while sick; he could barely speak but still spent time on advising me. I was amazed by his dedication. Thanks to Todd I got a place in a very short time and a place that I absolutely am delighted to own. 

“Here’s two reasons why I strongly endorse Todd: he is super professional, super hard working, always prompt, knows the market better than agents out there (I know, I tried others) and the most important–he has a lot of information and knowledge that is invaluable. (Ok, that’s 5 reasons, not 2 :) ).”

– Ricky C.

When Other Agents Fail, Call Todd

“I began househunting 6 months ago, and rapidly became disenchanted with the process after bad or underwhelming experiences with 2 different agents. On my third try, I struck gold: I was fortunately introduced to Todd about 4 months ago, and just closed on a new house yesterday!

“Prior to meeting Todd, I had been killing myself with the amount of time I was putting in on my own, sifting through endless Redfin listings and building elaborate spreadsheets to compare and track top candidates.  It felt like a second full-time job.

“Once Todd and I began working together, my househunting experience improved dramatically. Not only does Todd clearly have a very sophisticated understanding of the SF market, superior to anyone I’ve ever dealt with to date, but he has also cultivated a far-reaching network of sources he can tap for anything ranging from off-market listings, to first-rate moving and storage services. The professional network alone was worth its weight in gold, because who has time to read 100 pages of highly polarized reviews (…sorry, Yelp…..) just to find trustworthy movers?

“One of Todd’s best qualities is that he really listens to your requirements and understands the prioritization of what can and can’t be compromised on. And when I say he listens….he really listens. As in, he has a special discipline to not interject or talk over anyone, EVEN IF that is exactly what I’ve done myself a moment earlier in the conversation, or I’ve peppered him with rapid-fire questions.  He just synthesizes it all in his head and then responds with serious solutions and actionable advice.

“If you want a great agent who can maximize your chances of househunting success, and minimize the amount of horror you have to deal with–look no further, because Todd is one of the most highly regarded, distinguished leaders in his field.”

– Tiffany M.

“When looking to sell any real estate in San Francisco, look no further than Todd Montgomery, a real estate agent with Climb Real Estate. He demonstrated true professionalism in handling the sale of my loft conversion live/work space in San Francisco’s South of Market. He provided the research I needed to determine the appropriate sales price and marketed the property via many outlets. His expertise helped guide me through the transaction. Through their marketing, the home sold quickly with several offers and Todd handled all the details of negotiating the contract and assisting with the closing process. If you are looking to sell your home in San Francisco, I would recommend Todd Montgomery without reservation.”

– Matthew G.

“Todd is absolutely an amazing agent to work with–he helped my husband and I buy our condo in SOMA. We sat down with Todd over a year before we purchased to start the search and he took time to understand what we were looking for. We looked at so many condos in SOMA and a few in other areas just so we understood the options available to us. So here are points from our experience:

• He is what I call a trusted advisor: the thing that Todd does best is just arm you with as much information as he can so you can make the right decision, but never pushes you to buy something that’s not right for you. Even when we felt like we’d never find a place, he assured us that when the right place came up, we’d know and to just be patient.  

• He is well connected: he got us a first look at a condo before they were open to the public or listed, he knew the builders, the sales offices, the front desk of every place we went to. And they all sort of went the extra mile for us because Todd was there with us.

• Todd is always available and very responsive: he has met us at coffee shops on a Sunday night at 8pm if needed. When our parents, siblings, etc. came to town, he setup appointments to see the same places over and over because he knew their opinions were important to us.

• Todd is in the know: he knew about all the drama and issues of the buildings, such as: are people defaulting on payments, building history, issues on the condo boards, all of it. So he knows what to avoid and watch out for. He deterred us from buildings that had issues either with maintenance, safety, or construction in the area, etc.

• He knows all the technical parts of the process: California has really odd real estate laws. I’m from the northeast and I just wasn’t familiar with any of it. Todd walked us through every part of the purchase agreement and helped us with negotiations. For example, there are not always financing contingencies in place (i.e. if the bank won’t finance the mortgage, then you are not bound to buy the unit or forfeit your deposit). We were not comfortable until we had that clause in, and Todd pushed them to include it–even though it was not customary for the builders.  

“Todd is just an all around great guy. Early in our process, after a few months of feeling a little down about the market in SF, he invited us to grab a drink and just relax. It’s these things that make a huge difference. And even now, he keeps in touch; we meet for dinner or even just grab a coffee. He’s someone you’ll want to hang out with after it’s all done.

“I have already recommended him to a friend who also bought a home. I would recommend Todd to anyone looking to buy in SF: it can be a stressful process and you need a real partner in the journey.”

– Ash D.

“I met Todd through a friend who had used him as an agent. At the time I was in a rent-controlled apartment and had almost no idea what was really involved in owning a place in terms of total cost of ownership in order to make the rent vs. buy decision. Todd met with me at a coffee shop and patiently walked me through everything in detail (and he quickly learned that I have a large appetite for detail). In the end I opted to stick with my rent-controlled apartment but he made a great impression and was so professional, knowledgeable and informative that I was glad we met.  

“A year later the landlord sold the rent-controlled apartment and I was introduced to what the current state of the SF rental market was like after 10 years of rent control. That changed my calculation for rent vs. buy and I decided the time was right to buy. Todd picked up right where we left off and we jumped into looking at places and educating me on the process. Being a single guy, I was in this alone (aside from frequent long conversations with my mother) but with Todd I felt like I always had someone on my side. He went above and beyond for everything from being a sounding board for such a big decision to putting me in contact from folks within his network to resolve the myriad of potential roadblocks you hit along the journey of finding your new home. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to find a place without Todd’s help because every step of the way he was the one I turned to for advice.

“If you are looking for an agent, I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than Todd and I wholeheartedly suggest you give him a call: you will be glad you did. He is completely tapped into the SF real estate market and a pleasure to work with, a great combination.” 

– Dan P. 

“If you’re looking for new home in San Francisco, Todd Montgomery is your real estate agent. While he’s done a lot of business throughout San Francisco–I know that SOMA, South Beach, Rincon Hill, Mission Bay are just some of his areas of expertise–I’d trust him anywhere in the Bay Area. Todd was the consummate professional in assisting me in my search for a first-time home purchase. He worked diligently to secure the best arrangement for me. I was impressed with his quality of service and dedication to ensuring all of our needs were met. While I ultimately decided not to buy a new construction home, I felt like Todd stayed with me to make that difficult decision. All in all, I found Todd to be professional, intelligent, and hardworking. He’s a rare breed. He’s not the typical real estate agent that I’ve encountered that make you feel like you’re dealing with a used car salesman. And I think that’s a good thing.  Should you ever be in need of real estate services in the great San Francisco area, you should have no hesitations in securing him to help you.”

– Yvonne A.

“Todd helped my husband and I sell our condo recently – he was great to work with! He helped us through the entire process, really knew the market, and set realistic expectations around what to expect. He was always there to talk through things if needed! I would absolutely recommend Todd to anyone looking to buy or sell, especially in the SOMA area. Melodie, his assistant, is also AMAZING to work with; she was on top of things and ensured that the selling process was smooth as we were getting our house ready for the market. I can’t say enough about Todd and his team.”

– Bonnie P.

“I had been trying to find a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in SF for about six months before I met Todd. I’d been working with a Redfin agent and getting fed up with the lack of response/attention/help. Todd was the complete opposite. He worked closely with me to understand what I was looking for and immediately started setting up before-market viewing appointments that I would never have otherwise heard about.

“When we got close on one property that had a very complex set of circumstances, he was extremely honest the entire time, always thinking about me as the buyer, not him as the commission-collector. In fact, throughout the entire relationship I felt like he was in it for the long-term relationship, and that engendered a lot of trust. He was also super flexible in the times that he spoke with me and worked around my schedule constantly– we had more than a couple post-11 pm conversations when timelines were tight.

“Most critically, and reflecting on Todd’s sharpness and attention to detail, when we finally found the perfect unit and were in the notary’s office signing the final papers, Todd spotted an error in the paperwork that (quite comically) gave me someone else’s roof deck and zoned my patio as a common area. First of all, the fact that Todd’s diligence even spotted it in the first place saved months and months of post-closing headache and paperwork. Second, Todd worked closely with the attorneys of all parties involved to make sure a fair, safe and expedient resolution was reached. “The most amazing part of it all was that when I incurred a significant extra personal cost of extra rent and lawyer’s fees due to the mistake, Todd personally covered the full cost out of his commission so as to not bring any risk to the deal by asking for it from the seller. That’s a true professional who has the right priorities and interests at heart.

“I really can’t say anything negative. It’s been a really great experience working with Todd and I expect to work with him for any future properties I have, buying or selling. I don’t know how you could do better.”

– Sam G.

“Todd recently sold a condo for me (an out-of-town homeowner). I was so impressed with the ease of the entire experience. Todd is an astute professional who I would recommend to family members, friends and colleagues as a ‘go to’, ‘get the job done’ real estate agent.  Todd is spot on with market knowledge and possesses the confidence to act on it to the benefit of both sellers and buyers. If you’re looking to sell a property in the SOMA, South Beach, Embarcadero area, he’s the person for you. In addition, Todd has a rock solid support system in Melodie; every detail is finessed. My highest recommendations for Todd and Climb Realty–a first-class company.”

– Monica C.

“Todd is an excellent real estate agent, who is very professional and understands the SF South Beach area and surrounding markets very well. He is also the new construction go-to expert, who knows available inventory like the back of his hand, and he will tell you the pros and cons for each building/area without hesitation. 

“Todd represented the sale of my unit in South Beach, and I was very impressed by how knowledgeable he was about the market, available inventory, comparable sales in the building, and the area. He also was very patient and thorough in making sure the place showed and marketed well. 

“He put in a lot of thought into developing the right marketing strategy for the place, utilizing social media, the Climb website, craigslist, etc. and marketed the property to other top agents in SF. Todd also works with a lot of buyers, which makes him invaluable resource when he is representing sellers. His keen eye for features that will attract prospective buyers about your property makes marketing the property a very easy task. 

“Hands down, Todd is your agent, if you want to work with someone who speaks your language whether you are a buyer or a seller. Highly recommend.”

– Anya K.

“With San Francisco’s real estate market getting more and more crazy in 2013, I pretty much expected the worst when I decided to find a new home in the city. Todd worked with me for about a year to find a loft in South Beach and his experience was essential for locating the best options and making a winning offer. I’d strongly recommend Todd to anyone trying to find a home in the city.”

– Ed A.

“We worked with Todd when we bought our SOMA condo a few years back and when we sold it recently. He has been a pleasure to work with and we have even referred a friend who subsequently used him as their agent to purchase their current condo.

“He’s reliable, reasonable, prepared, and listens to the client’s needs. He always made us feel like we are his top priority, regardless of how many other listings he had concurrently. He was able to meet or conference call with us on nights and weekends if necessary to accommodate our needs because of our long work hours. He returned calls punctually and provided data such as comparable pricing on similar units in a short time frame. He was very patient in showing us several units that were in our general price range, geographic area of interest, model type, etc.–as much as we needed to feel comfortable with our decision to buy a unit.

“The process was similarly quick and painless when we decided to use him as our agent to sell our unit. He took care of much of the heavy lifting for the selling process since we had already moved out of the city, including getting the cleaners, helping coordinate the move, staging, photos, and of course running weekend open houses and broker tours.

“All in all, we had no complaints and never felt pressured to make a decision or compromise on anything that we didn’t want to. Todd always gave us reasonable options to chose from while giving his recommendation and assessment of the current market and future landscape of real estate in the area, to help us come to an educated decision. I had briefly worked with a few other SF realtors over the past few years, and many of them were pushy and came off as aggressive salespeople steering me towards things that would give them a big commission, while others were disinterested when they realized I wasn’t looking for a multimillion dollar penthouse.  Todd is definitely one of the nice guys in the business.

“If we choose to buy a place in SF again, we won’t hesitate to give him a ring! I highly suggest you give him a call.”

– Dave L. 

“I had the chance to work with Todd during my recent purchase of a condo in San Francisco. Todd was communicative, honest, and held my hand through the entire process. Very few home sales go smoothly, and mine was not one of them. While I panicked, Todd kept his cool worked with the bank and escrow company to make sure everything was taken care of. Stand up guy!”

– Shannon Y.

“Todd listed our condo and we could not have been more pleased. At a time when another unit in our building and one next door had been sitting on the market for months and dropping their prices, Todd gave us a lot of great advice (that we thankfully listened to) and got us four fantastic offers in the week and a half it was listed.

“Todd walked us through his thought process on how and when to list our condo.  It was insightful and data-driven and took into account factors I wouldn’t have even considered. Once we had a plan in place, that was when we really saw him go into action.  Between him and his awesome sales assistant, Melodie, they took care of so many details that I thought I would be dealing with. They arranged the movers and storage during staging. They found the house cleaners and carpet cleaners and got everything organized, scheduled, and even sat there while it was being done to make sure everything was done correctly. Letting me stay focused on my normal life was a benefit I didn’t expect. He was also always there any time a prospective buyer was in the condo so that he could guide people through the home and get a sense of interest and intent.   

“Todd is incredibly responsive, punctual and professional. He’s also kind and empathetic. He was there to answer any question we had, and at no point did I feel railroaded into any decision. I always felt comfortable to make my own choices, but his suggestions make so much sense that I can’t imagine not following his advice.

“Also worth noting is that Todd has an excellent network. He knows all the other agents, he knows the stagers, and he knows all the loan officers at the banks. He will channel all of this into selling your home.

“Do yourself a favor and work with Todd.”

– Justin C.

“Todd helped us find our home in SF in 2011. We were completely new to the process and all the things you need to consider when purchasing a home. Luckily Todd has a very methodical and patient approach that made the process actually enjoyable. We ended up making several offers with some complicated scenarios, but with Todd’s experience we ended up making the right choice. Todd and his team are extremely well informed about the market and policies and if they don’t know the answer, they will dig deep to find you the information you need to know. Todd was also always extremely responsive and a real pleasure to work with. We will absolutely use Todd for our next purchase or sale and would highly recommend him.”

– Aaron W. 

“If you’re looking to get a home–Todd is your man. 

“I’ve lived in Hayes Valley for nearly 5 years now, and after a few unsuccessful attempts to purchase a home, a close friend of mine referred me to Todd. I was told that if I worked with him, I wouldn’t have to worry about any more failed bids. My friend was right.

“Todd is an excellent agent. Our initial meet and greet went exactly as I had hoped. I told him that I loved living in Hayes Valley and that my ideal home purchase would be in the neighborhood, in a new-newer development, 2 bedrooms, etc. Todd quickly absorbed my preferences and asked me additional questions to get a thorough view of what I wanted. After this initial conversation, everything seemed to fall into place very naturally. Todd is extremely knowledgeable about the SF housing market and provided me with a variety of options to review. He invited me to look at places that matched the profile of my dream home and also spent some time showing me places that were not what I wanted, but good for me to see regardless. I liked that Todd was willing to spend time showing me options that I hadn’t previously considered to give me a better picture of what was available.

“Once we identified the home that I wanted, Todd kicked it into high gear. My friend had told me early on that I could rely on Todd’s well connectedness with the SF housing industry, with developers, agents, loan officers, title companies, etc. Again, my friend was right. Todd was able to get me preferred placement in a highly desirable, and over-subscribed, new development in Hayes Valley. I ultimately secured one of my top preferences for the development and the rest is history so to speak.

“As a first-time home buyer, Todd made the home buying process (often a chaotic roller coaster!) a smooth and relaxed one. He walked me through the process of what was going to happen at each step, provided a wealth of information to navigate the back and forth between the development’s sale office, bank, and title company, and was with me each step of the way.

“I’m now writing this review from the comfort of my first home and I owe much of the credit to Todd. Living in Hayes Valley is a dream and I’m happy to have worked so closely with Todd to make this a reality. There are plenty of agents out there, but if you know what you want, and you want someone to help you get it, Todd should be the person you work with. In addition to helping my friend find 2 (TWO!) homes, he’s also helped 2 other friends of mine find their first homes as well. He’s a sure bet and just get the job done.”

– David S. 

“We had such an amazing experience selling our SOMA loft with Todd. I met Todd and handed over my keys. Ten days later, he had it repainted and staged and ready for an open house. A few days later, we accepted an offer that was a lot more than we thought we would get for our loft. You really can’t ask for anything more from a real estate agent. Todd is professional. He always picks up the phone. He always responded to my emails promptly. He is experienced and is very well connected. Next time we buy a home, we will be calling Todd.”

– Amy T. 

“Searching for San Francisco real estate can be a daunting task, so having the best real estate agent to provide you with the right real estate services is crucial. It took me 15 months and plenty of frustration to find the place that I now call home. Buyers that are currently in the market can begin to understand this. Now that I have found my first owned home, I have no regrets. And more importantly, I am glad that Todd Montgomery from Climb Real Estate Group was the agent that helped me find my piece of San Francisco real estate. 

“Todd demonstrated his veteran knowledge of the SF real estate market throughout our house hunt. He sent me weekly listings to check out. When his schedule allowed, he personally joined me to tour listings. Todd was very keen to ask for my feedback and read into my feelings about each listing and the overall hunt. As we went along, he would help me adjust my search criteria to prioritize the most important features of a home, as well as offer his experience and advice to help me think realistically of homes within my price range. 

“Todd made himself available for my numerous texts, emails and calls with questions related to the purchase and homeowning process. In general, I left my interactions with him feeling better because he either answers my questions, or takes the next step to get me the answers. Todd also has extensive connections with sellers’ agents, and would sometimes let me know about off-market listings that he thinks fit my search criteria. 

“My final offer was the third one that I had submitted. For each offer, Todd would take time out of his evening to review all the docs with me in person. As a first-time homebuyer, I really appreciated his extreme patience and knowledge. Never once did I feel that I was being pressured into a hurried decision. 15 months is a long time to be looking!

“I experienced a particularly tumultuous closing process because of actions on the lender’s side that led to delays in both closing and my moving plans. Todd stepped in and did his best to quarterback the situation, handling discussions with the lenders and developers. While the situation itself still left me extremely frustrated at the time, Todd’s involvement helped to alleviate much stress. 

“So if you are serious about finding a home in San Francisco, I highly recommend that you talk to Todd. It will be a decision you will not regret.”

– David W.

“If you’re like me, you are a first-time home buyer. You’re willing to research and learn as much as possible about buying a place in San Francisco. Now the question is, who can you trust to represent your best interest and close the deal within your budget?

“Todd Montgomery was referred to me by another agent that I found on Yelp. I only had $650K to spend and I was looking for a loft or apartment with parking in the SOMA district. I interviewed several agents, but none had the follow-up and work ethic that Todd demonstrated to me.

“I was persistent on my requirements and had a lot of questions. It took me 11 months and few declined offers to accept the rapid changes in the San Francisco real estate market. Todd was patient with me and consistent advocate and partner.

“I was somewhat suspicious of Todd in the beginning of this process, as I’ve worked in sales before. But now that I’ve purchased the place I wanted (and within my budget!). I can attest to the fact that Todd is a great agent and negotiator.”

– Tiago Y. 

“Todd acted as a god amongst men in selling our condo. He recommended we be super aggressive with the price. We priced about 5% less than the same unit 7 floors above us. In 3 days the unit sold for 5% above asking for more than the unit 7 floors up. He staged it beautifully. Ran to city hall after the deal nearly died due to some litigation that had since been completed. He moved mountains to get the deal done. Todd 4 president!”

– Andrew M.

“Todd Montgomery is a real estate agent extraordinaire!  He marketed and sold our SOMA condo, setting a price record for our type of unit in the building. I met Todd through friends and immediately liked him –he’s very professional and extremely thorough when it comes to making the deal work. He’s ALWAYS there for his clients; he works really hard and is on the phone and on his computer working nights and weekends. It’s unbelievable. I have some prior experience dealing with real estate agents and his responsiveness is unmatched in the industry.

“Todd was very thoughtful in counseling me and my husband on what we needed to change in the unit prior to putting it on the market. Through Climb we also had our unit professionally staged, which was worth every penny. Our photos on the website turned out so gorgeous that I almost changed my mind about selling the unit–reading it made me want to buy it. Todd manned the open houses and gave us periodic status update as to traffic and general sentiment. Finally, he was very thorough and professional in vetting all the offers we got and counseling us how to manage the various bids.  The result was that we sold the unit for a record price in our building and we closed without any issues. I am recommending Todd to all my friends looking to buy or sell real estate in San Francisco.”

– Lisa K.

“We highly recommend working with Todd. ‘Phenomenal’ and ‘trustworthy': we think this would be a the apt way to describe Todd and his relation with us as he helped us in our home search.

“We met Todd in May of last year and right away knew he was going to be our agent. He knows neighborhoods in San Francisco really well and in our home search he patiently took us around to help us figure out the area that worked best for us. He always made himself available in time of need and was extremely accessible. He was very informative about housing trends, pricing trends, what to avoid, what to value etc. etc. and never rushed us to any decision. This was key.

“When we found the home we wanted to go for, he precisely knew how to get the job done. He is extremely well connected with brokers, inspectors, escrows etc. and above all, an excellent negotiator. Closing process could be stressful at times, but not when you have a super agent like Todd. 

“Todd – keep up the good work, we really enjoyed working with you.”

– Aarti G.

“Todd Montgomery is the BEST real estate agent if you’re looking for a home in San Francisco. I worked with Redfin and interviewed a few other agents before committing to work with Todd. After a long sit-down conversation about the type of home we were looking for, Todd and I set up an appointment. He provided me a list of about a dozen places. I provided him a counter-list of about dozen places, and together we visited most of them. However, before we pulled up to one of Todd’s choices, he told me, ‘You are going to love this place. This is the place for you.’ And he was right! I fell in love, and we bought it. You know you have a great agent when he listens, understands exactly what you want, and can actually find it for you!

“As a first-time homebuyer, the experience was nerve wracking, and I went through a lot of frantic meltdowns. Todd was considerate, supportive, and responsive through the entire process. It was especially difficult because I was living in NYC at the time, so everything had to be handled remotely.

“A few other things about Todd that impressed me:

• He was well connected. The building we bought into was a small boutique new construction, with a waitlist of interested parties. We bypassed the waitlist and became the first to make an offer on the new floor that was released.

• Todd was a great source of information. He researched the amount of money left on the current owner’s mortgage, last price bought, etc., renter income, the people making counter offers, etc., to make sure that we were armed with the information we needed to make a solid winning offer. 

• He was determined to keep me ‘safe’. I kept choosing to look at places in the seedier parts of SOMA, because they seemed bigger and cheaper. He found me a place that was competitively sized and priced, but in a much safer area. 

• The first place we saw had a great view, but he made sure to tell us that construction was planned in the next few years that would block the view. These are the type of considerations we weren’t aware of, but he always made sure we made our  decisions with full knowledge.

“I would recommend Todd without hesitation. In fact, I’ve already recommended him to 3 other friends who have all bought homes they are very happy with. Todd will find you the diamond in the rough, and will be there to support you through the process!”

– LeAnne N. 

“As a foreigner, it is especially difficult to understand what is going on with the American real estate market and system. My first experience with Todd was around four years ago where I was trying to find a studio flat for both living and also investment. Considering I was only 19 at the time, nobody really paid any attention to me when I walked into new buildings and open houses. Todd was the first to actually contact me and help me out. My first impression of him is very friendly and professional; also I feel that he paid extra effort on explaining a lot to me since I am a foreigner. Through that opportunity we were able to buy a very suitable and comfortable place for me around the Financial District. 

“Recently, I planned to move to a bigger place, therefore I contacted Todd to help me sell my studio and search for a new place. This process required a lot of efficiency and good timing. Everything was taken care of by Todd and his team smoothly. As a result now I live in a very nice new place and also made some good investment from the past property. I am really glad that Todd contacted me four years ago for the first opportunity and also held up his reputation for the second time.”

– Charles L.

“Recently, my partner and I had circumstances arise that required that we make a sudden decision to sell our loft. We did not have the luxury of ‘taking our sweet time’ and thus found ourselves thrust into choosing a realtor. This was an important decision for us that required our situation to be handled in a very professional manner, bringing top price, and most importantly closing within a short deadline!

“We knew we were going to choose a realtor from Climb Real Estate Group. They had represented the two most recent sales in our building and had been very successful in marketing the units and bringing in the highest prices historically for our building. It is obvious that lofts and condos are their specialty.

“I reviewed several of Climb’s agents and was quickly drawn to Todd Montgomery. I immediately had a great feeling about him and his work. Once I started reading the Yelp reviews, it was an obvious choice and I felt confidence with him from the moment I contacted him.

“Very simply, we were RIGHT ON with our choice! I won’t go on and on with the particulars of our unique situation and how successfully and professionally he and his team handled each and every situation that arose, others have already done that. I will say that he listens to your concerns and desires and answers your questions with genuine attention. Most important is that Todd is a true gentleman and is a real pleasure to work with! He always communicates and acts with the highest degree of integrity and ethics. This is critical in real estate dealings, in my opinion. As I mentioned, he has an equally excellent team that coordinates with him seamlessly. Melodie leads the team and she is flawless in making certain that the entire process flows with minimal stress. Todd’s professionalism, knowledge and expertise truly make him the most outstanding realtor that we have worked with over the past several years. 

“What is there to say other than I most highly recommend Todd Montgomery to act as your quintessential real estate sales agent! You can read his other Yelp reviews and they are all unanimous in their rave reviews of him and his work. I 100% had the same experience and so if you are looking to have a similar experience, then you will want to use Todd.  In closing, I should add that through Todd’s focus and hard work we received the highest price for any unit in our building’s history! What are you waiting for? Seriously!”

– Richard K.

“I cannot say enough good things about Todd regarding my recent real estate transaction. As I had moved out of state during my selling period, there were a lot of moving parts that Todd handled super smoothly. He went above and beyond my expectations in terms of helping me, making sure the property was ready to show and that it was marketed for maximum value. Todd was also responsive to questions, proactive in all communication and at the end of the day over-achieved above our initial sales goals. I would highly recommend him and not hesitate to engage his services again.”

– Brian W.

“I used Todd both to sell my home in the Castro district and to purchase a loft in Dogpatch. The selling part was a difficult process; the home was a Victorian with deferred maintenance issues. At the time the market was very difficult and Todd had to manage a complex sales cycle, which he did with great success. In the purchase of the replacement loft, Todd’s in-depth knowledge of the market, his insight into pricing, and his understanding of the dynamics of complicated sales situations all were deployed to ensure I got great value. I have never been more pleased with the results of a sometimes frightening, sometimes overwhelming, always complex process. Todd’s superb professionalism was an asset and his client-centric approach a relief.  I would recommend him unconditionally.”

– Robert H.

My name:
I am:
The #1 Agent at Climb Real Estate and the top 1% of Realtors in San Francisco.
Proudest Moment:
Surpassing $150 million in sales; 36 5-star Yelp reviews.
Biggest Challenge:
Challenges are only unrealized opportunities.
Alarm Clock:
My iPhone. Sad, but true.
Perfect Day:
When I make a difference.
First Job:
Life guard.
Super Hero Power:
Time travel.
Favorite Bay Area Neighborhood:
SOMA/South Beach, of course.
My mom.
Climb is:
The future of real estate.

What do you love about San Francisco?

That no matter who you are or where you are from, you can reinvent yourself in San Francisco.

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